Horoscope love matches: Cancer

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Cancer signs are romantic and sentimental beings who are often very vulnerable. In relationships, they will need someone who thinks about their feelings as they can be hurt easily by a stray remark or something blurted out in the heat of the moment.

Your perfect match
A Taurean partner will be the best match for you. They will help to calm you down when you are being over-emotional and their down-to-earth nature will keep you grounded. They will understand your tendency for mood swings and support you through them, making you see that you do sometimes overreact and that often, aren't as bad as they seem.

Other close fits
Pisces and Scorpio could also make good partners. Like you, they are both emotional and sensitive so you should connect on a deeper level. The only thing to watch out for is that with a partner so similar to yourself, you are missing someone to keep you grounded and stop you running away with your emotions. Capricorn is another good match, so long as you can communicate well and talk through any worries you have.

Steer clear of...
Aries is a big no no. Your personalities are polar opposites with you being a pondering home-body and Aries a confident go-getter. If you're after a big challenge, then a relationship with an Aries will definitely give you that!

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