Horoscope love matches: Leo

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Leos are quite self-involved people. They love nothing more than to be showered with compliments and made the centre of attention by their partner and their friends.

Your perfect match
The best match for you is a Gemini. You need a partner who is as confident and outgoing as yourself so that you can feel comfortable in social situations together. Your joint love for entertaining will mean you're both rarely short of company but even after a night out chatting with others, there is no doubt at your complete devotion to each other.

Other close fits
A Libra could be a a good match for as they will tolerate your domineering personality well. Typically good natured, they'll not be offended easily and avoid arguments even when you're being difficult! Appearance is important to both of you and so you'll enjoy showing each other off.

Steer clear of...
Capicorns are your polar opposite. They will feel intimidated by your sunny disposition and, the more animated you become, the more they will withdraw feeling insecure next to your confident personality. It can work if you are both willing to make a lot of compromises, but it won't be easy.

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Maruta Veeris

My horoscope is Leo I born on 18 of August 1967 and my partner is a Tauro he born on May 3 1969 are we an ok match??? I look forward for some advice! Kind regards, Maruta

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