Horoscope love matches: Sagittarius

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Sagittarians are probably the most confident of all the star signs - some would even call you cocky. You spend a lot of time trying to find meaning in your life and are very serious about your relationships. However, this is often displayed as flirting and showing off, which could cause you problems - beware!

Your perfect match
Aries and Sagittarius go together like peas in a pod. You are both very fiery, explosive signs and this will show up in your sex life. You are also both very optimistic and have a lot of energy, and can almost second guess each other sometimes - a truly great match.

Other close fits
You will also get on well with Leo, Libra and Gemini. These signs all enjoy your lust for life and your fun-loving nature that brings the best out of them.

Steer clear of...
Cancer - you disagree about almost everything, so this is probably not the best match. Expect a few fireworks, but not in a positive way!

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i love this stuff but what month is an aries

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