Horoscope love matches: Virgo

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As a Virgo, you are likely to be a bit of a perfectionist with a tendency to over-analyse people's jokes and comments. Virgos are trustworthy by nature and although they may not show it all the time, make very committed partners.

Your perfect match
A relationship with a Capricorn will suit you best. Both of you will care greatly about your professional lives which works well, as it will stop one of you from feeling neglected. However, work life won't be the only important factor in your relationship, you'll play an important part in drawing out Capricorn's cheeky side, which usually stays well hidden.

Other close fits
Scorpio, Taurus and Cancer will also be great matches for you. Scorpio's possessiveness will make you feel wanted and secure whereas with Cancer you'll feel a real electricity between you. The Taurean trait of striving to gain material success will impress you, but it's not all one sided - they'll be in awe of your amazing attention to detail.

Steer clear of...
Aquarius is a bad fit for you. You simply won't get each other, and the relationship could at times resemble more of a power struggle than a romantic union. Aquarius' want to help people and right wrongs will get on your nerves as you think that things that aren't your business should be left well alone. It will without a doubt be a challenge, but if you don't mind that then by all means give it a go!

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