Horoscope love matches: Scorpio

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Scorpios are emotional, complicated people. You are determined and also very charismatic and, if you're not careful, can rub people up the wrong way. You're never afraid of a challenge and, in fact, life is never dull for Scorpios. In love, you are passionate, sexy and loyal.

Your perfect match
Capricorn is the ideal match for Scorpio. You are both ambitious and serious, but also share similar outlooks on the fun side of life. You have a great chemistry and share unusual interests

Other close fits
Pisces, Virgo and Cancer will also go well with Scorpios. They will not be scared of the more possessive side of your nature and can calm you down relatively easily when you get too stressed.

Steer clear of...
Aries - the laidback nature of this sign will rub up Scorpios the wrong way. A recipe for disaster - you have been warned!

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i got married 4 months ago on june 25 a month after i graduated and im very happy with my mr. right. he is a scorpio like me. I didnt plan it to happen soon but it did and i dont regret getting married. I love him with all my heart!!! I wish the best to every girl out there and may you be blessed and rem to have god in your marriage too=)!!!


Just looked at my love match for Scorpio and i dont believe a word of it sorry to say. My ex was a Capricorn, a money grabber and selfish. I have always read up on my star sign and they have all said the same, that Scorpio is best suited with Libra. Now that is more like it. I have always got on with Libra's and all of my Scorpio friends and family say the same. I cant see how that everything that i have read in the past is wrong and this one is right and i have been looking for the wrong star sign for the last few years....mmmm very strange don't ya think?????


this is my first time on this site and i just done the is he mr. right? i'm a scorpio so when i read that my perfect match is a capricorn i was so shocked as i'm just recently married and he is in fact a capricorn. it is really good.


this is really intresting info!

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