Horoscope love matches: Libra

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Librans make great partners, with you being caring and understanding -but not overly-emotional. You can talk your way out of most situations and almost always think with your head, not your heart.

Your perfect match
You are best suited to a Geminian partner. You will thrive on his witty banter finding him thoroughly entertaining. The pair of you are free spirits so will enjoy exploring new avenues together, keeping your relationship fresh and exciting.

Other good fits
You will also get on well with the outgoing personalities of Sagittarius and Leo, and your good nature and practical head will keep them grounded when they get carried away with wild ideas.

Steer clear of
Capricorns will test your good-nature to the max. You don't like to be pinned down and Capricorn will try to control every aspect of your life, or at least, that's what it will seem like to you. Avoid this union unless you're willing to do a lot of compromising!

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