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BETH!!!!!! i haven't had a boyfriend since july 2007 because all of the boys are weirdos. You're not alone!!!!!!!!!


hi i have been married for four years and have four children two daughters who are with my husband,i love him very deeply and i no he loves me,the thing is we had a stupid drunkin night one saturday in the house with a very close female freind of ours shes alot younger than the two of us,the thing is myself and her were winding my husband up flirting with each other but that was it or as far as i can recall anyhow one of my daughters woke up so i went up to see to her i looked in the living room on my way back down and found my husband and my best freind having sex it must of not lasted long i was only out of the room for no more than five mins but it was so a shock, i never said a word to my freind she went home which is just across the road to us not long afterwards,we never said a word and went to bed,next day i told my husband what i saw he said he cant remeber anything but after i told him he said he feels awful that it wen that far,i cant bring myself to ask my freind bout it i am so close to all her family they treat me and my children part of there own and would be so ashamed if they found out,what i can i do i cant get the image out of my head everytime i look at them more so my husband,i have spoke to my freind since but we just as if nothing as happened,i keep bringing it up on a night with my husband but he asks me to forget as im just hurting myself more,we have had sex with each other since but i felt empty and cried afterwards i cant get this out of my head i dont want to loose him but do you think i will ever get over this i feel the trust is gone now and to make matters worse my freind is due to be going on holiday with us but dont think i could trust them,what can i do to ease the pain?


I am in love with my best boy mate. He claims we're just mates but this just confuses me. We always give each other intimate massages (quite weird for best mates i know) and have conversations which i could see as flirty. And one evening when we were drinking although weren't anywhere near drunk, we did stuff but not sex. He said this was just natural, but i confessed to how i felt. He said he thought all day about it but decided we needed to stay friends cos he didn't want to lose me. How can i convince him i would never let go of him if we got together? Very recently he has got a girlfriend but she is quite a player so won't mind if i told him. So yeah as i said, how and what should i say to him? thanks in advance xx


hi, i have a boyfriend and i love him to bits and i realy do, but recently we have started arguing alot over really silly things. We had a really bad arguement a few days ago and i ended up snogging my best boy mates and doing other things with him but not intercorse, my mate told people and now its going around and im scared my boyfriend will find out becuase i love him to death but then again my mate is totally gorgeous but i do regret doing what i did. And im scared of telling my boyfriend incase he beats my mate up or even me, plz help me x

tracy akman

where do i start with my kife.i feel realy dpressed as i am a single mother of 5 kids.1 is in afganistan at the min so worrying about him all the time then my youngest son was dianosed with muscular dystrophy when he was 3yrs old and has autism as well the dr s ave told me he ight not see 16yrs old i know not to believe everything the dr say but i had a a friend who kids both died when age 14 and 15 so now my son is nearly 10yrs old i am tryin my best to get him to florida before he gets to ill i struggle so much it hurts.sometims i dont even eat so the kids have got food im a single parent as my kids dad died 6yrs ago we have tried o get some help from charitys but nothin so far i jist needed to tell some one asi need some help to put me in th right dirrction on where i can go for help.i watch ur show every morning and i think ur brill keep it up thanks for listenning. tracy aikman.


hi i am 13 years old. and i could be here all night writing an essay of things that are wrong. 1. I am 5ft 4 - 5ft 6 and i weigh between 7 stone and 8 stone am i anorexic? 2. I have been bullied all my life and i have been to 5 schools does it mean that there is something wrong with me seen as though i have been bullied for that long? 3. I am always getting in a stress when teachers have a go at me because i cant stay calm i get so worked up and i end up taking out on my friends & family when they havent done anything wrong does it mean that there is something wrong with me? 4. I havent had a boyfriend since september but someone asked me out in the last hols but he is horrible and a bully does this mean i am ugly because no olne will go out with me? please someone help me out. jeremy please email me to answer those questions i really need help so please email me. Xbethx


I was best friends with this person for two years. I found him drop dead gorgeous but I never let on that I was attracted to him. Because I did not want to lose him as a friend, when we went out together for drinks etc, it always ended us being flirty towards each other, and when we went our separate ways flirty txt messages always sent back and forth. One of my friends got interested in him so I told her something was going on between us because I didn't want her to have him I know that was really selfish but I was jealous. I know he wasn't interested in her but I just had to make sure nothing would happen! I asked my friend not to tell anyone else about it but gossip always travels fast. I started to date another chap because nothing happened between us. I guess he only wanted me as a friend. However, he stopped talking to me after I started seeing my boyfriend. I feel bad about telling people that something had gone on between us! I do not think he knows I said anything to anyone but it keeps playing on my mind... should I just forget about it or say something. HELP!


i am deeply in ove with a turkish man and i want him to come to enland i am young though and if my mam and dad found out they wouldnt be happy with me but i love him and i cant hep i


Cheer up.. its right .. that you are doing this .. because even if you stay with him he also doesnt feel love and give you confort anymore so you better just leave to make ur life better with your son .


I am going through the same thing. I actually married the man who thought he was the father of my son. I do love him but we are not compatible in a relationship. He has hurt me and left me so many times and he finally after a year of back and forth. After only 3 months of being married he decided that he didn't want me and was wanting to get back with his ex girlfriend. And I couldn't take it anymore so I left and told him through text that our son is only my son. I know it hurt him and I deeply regret lying to him in the first place. However I fell in love the very first day we met. Previous problems we had in the past (domestic violence) he has custody of him and now I am filing for a divorce and am fighting for my son. I am starting all over in a new town and don't know how this will end up. I am so scared and don't know what to do or who to turn to. So I understand how you feel and exactly what you are going through.

cari duff

im married and have 4 kids. im only 26, but i really feel if i dont have 1 more baby then i cant be with him anymore. i really want one more. i have an iud that lasts for 5 years. i've had it for 2. i really want 1 more. whats the big deal!!!!


I would just like to say something to Ellie who is 13. I just wanted to say that imagine how your mum would feel if you actually did kill yourself? Don't be down about you and your mum arguing because your mum is only trying to protect you and do what she thinks is best. I'm nearly 15 and me and my mum argue sometimes and when I get annoyed with her i just think to myself that she's trying to protect me. Remember, not everyone is good academically. Everyone is unique and has their own strengths. Be Happy and be yourself!:)


I am currently in a relationship and we were together for a year but we split up and got back together a few weeks later.Baring in mind he can be violent. We both met this other boy and him and my boyfriend are friends. I no he likes me and he knows i like him and i just cant stop thinking about him... He wants 2 meet me alone 1 night.. what should i do?

lee 24

hi i think im addicted to sex i mean i just cant get enough.. i recently had my 3rd 3some and i have slept with over 70 women. i use prostitutes aswell on occasions i like the whole numorious partners and conjecal arrangments ordeal its exciting and nice, i have onli been in one affair i dnt get into relationships much because i dnt like to hurt people, this affair was two years back with my neighbour she was 35 at the time and engaged she used to cut my hair, id only work 4 times a week as i had uni and it would be on thursdays, we got along well and time after time we would flirt i dint think anything would happen, she would compliment me sometimes and i would her in return just being polite i spose, then on a thursday i was due for my haircut and the usual thing happened chatting etc.. flirting was more so then before and she kissed me, she weren't the most attractive women but i found myself having sex with her on the living room floor i really enjoyed it nothing was said atall i would blank her because i felt guilty as she was engaged, but everytime i was due for my haircut we would end up having sex, the sex was amazing..more so mentally then physically because it was my neighbour and engaged and older all them things enhightened the desire i think.. im reli confident around women think of myself as a romantasist i love giving effection making women feel good, this may sound strange but when a women reaches orgasm it makes me relieved in a way because of my determination to make them feel good, i don't care so much about my satisfaction, its there's that i really wont to forfill...i just love women, every single tears of all of you i worship.. but yet i really dont wont a relationship because i know for a fact i would cheat soo please can anyone point me in the right direction... here's something i allways have in my head.... '' if reincarnation is'nt real and when we die we are just on obis of energy floating around the universe what regrets would we have''........i hope my answer is none thats why im asking for you're help thank you all for listening...and i hope ur problems workout two.. i dnt wont my sex life to fade away i just wont to be more narrow minded in certain situations. xxxx you're all beautiful


there has been alot of problems in my family & stuff and i have suffered loses, but for the past few years i have been self harming and i have not confidence or self asteem & i feel im just making things alot worst, but can not stop myself, i dont know were to go for help incase i am judged, please help me!

Concerned friends

me and my best friend have been friends with this boy for ages. we were really close to him and he has been like a cousin to us. he has always been in to more girly things but is always saying he isnt gay. recently he told us that he has made some new friends, which is fine, however, no one has ever seen or met them, not even his parents although he has said they have been round to his house numerous times. we are quite certain they arent real and we are getting quite worried about it. please help us Concerned Friends


i am 24 year old and i am in love with two men. i love them both and do not which oneis best. wheni am with any one of them i image myself with a third imagary one. one is sincere, take care of me the other is fun, outcoming, kind and everything i look for in a man but his any problem is he is a womanizer. running woman all the time. what should i do.


Hi, I just wanted to say to everyone that I'm nearly 13 and I'm having trouble with my mother. We're always yelling at each other. I know it's mostly partially my fault but it's getting me down. Once because of all this I tried to kill myself. I fail at everything at school and I failed trying to kill myself too. Counselling doesn't help. The counsellor just says to stop yelling. Stop starting it. But it's not as simple as that. Help!


trying to find my dad please help me have not seen him since i was 5 years old i am now 26 years old i have no photo just would like to fill in the puzzle


hiya ive been tryin ta find my dad for ages now and i want ta meet him and i dont if u know wot i mean ma mum is tryin ta help me but she dont want me ta meet him coz he is nasty and she dont want me ta get hurt i do miss havina dad i have a step dad and he is good ta me i like him like he is ma real dad but he aint i want ta see ma dad just ta see what he is like and what he looks like please help me thankyou vikki xx


hi jermeny.. just wanted to know how do you get aboyriend beiong fat like omploympa. please write back to me im lonely, thanku xx


i have just found out i'm pregnant nd i got stabbed 3 yr's ago i'm almost 13 nd i do not what to do i have told my boyfriend and he's very pleased but wat am i goin to do i cant go through the birth of a child the night i had sex has ruind my life i told my mum and she will be there for me but i'm scared please help

sarah louise

i love my ex who was my first love and we were on and off for three years it still hurts and i lost contact with him i miss him so much my family and freinds are not there for me they say get over him but i cant even though we not together anymore my mates say they have seen him a few times and i dont know what to do what advice do you people have im 18 i was 14 when i got with him plz help!

worried friend

please help me with any advice that i can give my friend. shes recentlyadmited to taking cocaine. but finds it fun. also shes been sleeping around with any old tlad that she can find. im realli worried that she is going to get seriously hurt if her boyfriend finds out. last month he was put in prision for what hes done to her and she stillsays she loves him..what can i say tomake her see sence..?

charlotte chick

my hosbend loves to have sex and once i came in and he was playing on sex dress up the next day he was haveing sex with my daughter what do i do


I was sexually assaulted when I was just 11 years old. Now 4 and a half years on, I'm still getting nightmares and flashbacks of that day. The man who did it was a family friend, and after being sentenced to 7 yrs in prison, he was let out last year after only serving just over 3 years. I am having counselling, but its not helping!!! Please help!!!


Hey im 14 and im worried im pregnant. i have the contraceptive implant, which i have had since the 8th of august, so i havent been using condoms but i made sure i waited after a week to have unprotected sex. i have a boyfriend, and he knows im worried and keeps trying to reassure me that i cant be, but i dont believe him as i have the same symptoms my mam had when she was pregnant last. i havent taken a pregnancy test because ive heard that the hormones that the implant release can mess up the readings. any advice, but please dont read me the rightous act because ive heard it all before and i dont need it right now.. thanks, Sophie x


I'm natalie and I'm 18 and well my life went down hill back in the school summer holidays in 2002 as I found out that my mam and dad were splitting up and so he went and lived down me nanas and it was alright because we still had a good relationship and then in March the following year my grandad (mam's dad) died and me dad came to the funeral and me mam respected him, but then couple month later I got a phone call off my dad sayin that he was with one of my friends and a was like who and it turned out it was sum1 in my year and he was going out with her mam. That was fine the first couple of month but then I was getin accused of calling the family and all that but I never said a bad word about them which lead to me gettin stopped from seeing ma dad and it broke me heart. Also I have been in a relationship with this lad for 7 year and broke up about 5 times and ave had both sexual relationships and non sexual relationships, but the thing is I love him to bits when he moved from my street to sumwhere an hour away I even carved his name into my arm and I've attempted to slit my wrists. I am currently with him, been in this relationship for nealy 6 month and well on me 18th I was totally mortal and my friend told me I got off with this random lad and that she found me coming out of an alley way with him, I can not remember a single thing. What am a to-do?


hiya i am 17 years old and think i have hit the worst time of my life and now i realise u need help her is my story, at 16 my life was fab i had everything caring family and the most amazing boyfriend i was at college full time, thought nothing could go wrong untill i found out i was pregnat i had so many feelings didnt no what to do told my boyfriend and then worst of al told my family, my boyfrind was very supportive but my family rather me have an aborton after thinking i realized that i couldnt get rid of it so yes i wanted to keep it i told my family sorted! Then one thurs i was at work had the worst pain eva i went to the toilet there was blood i culdnt belive it, what do i do? my mum and dad picked me up and we went straight to the hospital at 5am on the 1st feb 2008 i lost my own baby, at 16 years old i was horrified i didnt have a clue what to do in a way i new that my parents were happy. i couldnt face going home i am now living with my boyfriend and have mild depression i dont feel my life can get any better as so many of my friends are having babys i dont no what to do for the best please help!!! x


hi an this is for shelby the 15 yr old shelby i know what ur feeling hunni wen i was 8 years old my dad left my mum for my ant they were seeing each other behind my mums back and it went on a few years befor they come clean at first i was upset with them beening together but after a few years i got used to them dont get me wrong i seen my mum as often as i could but it will get better hunni trust me


i am 15 years old, +about 10 weeks ago, my mum left my dad. i am living with my dad at the moment. they had been together for 18 years. me + my mum + my brother went on holiday december 2007 + we met some boys out there aged about 17-20. she really got talking to this 17 year old, like as mates(i think), +they swapped numbers and that. well when we got back of holiday she was texting him secretly when she was at work + that, + she slept with her phone underneath her pillow so no one could read her messages. he lives in the isle of white + we live in essex. and she used to go down every sunday to woking + meet him. adults do there bit of arguing every now + then, but it got worse + worse. and her messages went from 50 a month, to 3000 a month. she was texting him from 5am-11pm everyday, + her minutes went from about 50 a month to 1000 a month. she was totally ignoring everyone else, she didnt even come to my hospital appointment because she made plans to go meet this boy. is it right that i should be ignoring her? because in the 12 weeks shes been gone, ive only spoke to her 3 times. + they weren't nice conversations.


im 14 years old, got this really nice boyfriend hes literally amazing but the othr day i let him feel me up and touch areas and stuff like that and now i feel like a tart and i keep getting scared im going 2 get ill over this type of stuff even though ive been told you cant get il by being felt up and stuff like tht its noly having sex but my tummy keeps going weird and i dont know what to do my bestfriends is the only 1 who knows and i wud tell my mum but she would have a go at me i know she would. i love my boyfriend but i regret doing it abit


ive been with my partner for ten years we had a good relationship untill 6yrs ago when things changed my whole world turned up side down i asked him if he was seeing somebody else he said no i didnt beileve him and things got worse we had rows after rows he even called me by the persons name i trew him out he kept ringing me saying he loved me and i was wrong so i had him back again and again until i decided enough was enough i lost weight and was stressed all the time now hes gone i dont love him any more and dont want to be with him im trying to rebuild my life but he wont leave me alone at the end of the day he should of come clean and been honest love turns to hate once a cheat always a cheat what do i do?

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