'I love my best friend's husband'

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'I've known Gail for almost 25 years - we started a new job on the same day together and have been best mates ever since.

We've been through everything together: boyfriends dumping us, finding our Mr Right, having kids... you name it, we've done it and we tell each other everything.

Well, except for one small thing. I am totally in love with her husband Will.

I should point out that nothing has ever happened and I'm not even sure if he even knows, but I adore him. He's so strong and sexy and really, really funny.

Gail met Will one a blind date nearly 20 years ago and she's really happy with him. I often tease her that she doesn't appreciate him enough, because she's often telling me all the things he gets wrong or doesn't do properly, but she loves him dearly.

I'm also very much in love with Gary, my husband, but I do gaze at Will sometimes and wonder if the grass would be greener. I even try to wangle times just to be together with him.

The worst thing about it is that I was with Gail when she met Will on that blind date 20 years ago.

It was a double date and I was meant to be paired off with him. Things didn't work out quite like that and he ended up falling for Gail instead.

I'll never be able to tell Gail my secret, because it would ruin our friendship.
Nicky, 43, Norwich

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I know you must feel awful about this and it really is a horrible situation, but here is my advice: stay away from that relationship. My mother always told me: The Grass is Always Greener.....(you know that one!!) And she was completely correct. Gary looks like he would be the perfect man for you at this point. But no one knows another person until they live with them. And believe me, the halo starts to bend a little when The Perfect Man moves in!! (Think: dirty underwear, flatulence, blowing noses when you are eating, and what in the hell is that smell in the bathroom????) You have a wonderful friendship that you shouldn't lose over a fantasy romance that you have built in your mind. Don't ruin that, because there is no reason in the world that you have to think that he would even leave her, and why would you ruin two families for a fantasy? (You may want to revisit your own marriage and see why you are looking at another man as a possible mate...) Best of luck...


Hey Nikky, I really sympathies with you about this but I really don't see a way out for you. You know Will likes Gail! They got married! And as you said he liked her. I don't see a problem with a bit of fancy as long as you know it cant happen. Friends before romance all the way. Hope it got sorted!


I feel so sorry for you, it must be awful.. But rest assured, if you were to go off with WIll, you wouldn't have Gail as a friend, and you'd also wreck your own marriage, and if you have children, it does mess them up to a certain extent - because life is all about 'routine'.. Take anyone out of routine, and it takes time to get used to new situations and surroundings.. You should put your feelings aside, for the sake of your friendship with Gail, she sounds like a great friend, and I know I would rather have my friend and leave things the way they are, rather than risk messing it all up for wondering if the grass is greener. It's only advice, and I hope you end up making the right decision, Good luck to you Nicky xx.

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