'I think I've got an STI'

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'My old boyfriend called me out totally of the blue a couple of weeks ago.

It was lovely to hear from him until he dropped an almighty bombshell. He found out he's got chlamydia and the doctor reckoned he's had it for quite a few years.

He's been ringing people who he's slept with in the past 5 years to tell them he might have passed it on and that includes me.

I've been with my new husband, Dave, for 3 years and the thought of having to admit I've got an STI is awful.

I know I need to get myself tested but I feel really embarrassed about getting it done - it's not something you want your friends to find out about, is it?

Worse still, I might have passed it on to Dave, because we don't always use condoms - he'll blow his top if he thinks he's caught something.'

Chrissy, 33, Newcastle

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What do you mean that isn't something you want your "friends" to know?! This is your husband!!!! You can't just not tell him, what if he has chlamydia as well? You both need to be tested and treated. It would be ignorant and selfish for you not to do it!


Learn about the STI, and it could be he transmitted it to you. There is theortically no way of knowing it... so dont worry there is no reason why anyone should believe that you transmitted it, it maynot be the fact in the first place... Seek medical help, find a cure... and Get well soon


I wouldnt worry about small things in life like this problem. Trust me it could be 1000 time worse. This is really no big deal. comes then it will go.. Dont worry about it cocker


you have done nothing. im sure if you explain whats happened to your husband he should understand. everybody has a past and because you didnt no even if your husband does have it its not your fault. the main thing to keep in mind is that its treatable but for womem the longer you leave it it can get dangerous. so go get yourself checked out the people doin the screening are used to it they see it everyday. i got myself checked out wen i was only 15 i was soo embarresed and ashamed of myself but nobody there juged me or anything. good luck xxxx


tell your partner and if he cares enuff hell undstand then you can both go get checked owt together but do iy fast you mite have it and not no for yrs as it sometimes as no syptoms x


Get checked out and do it quick, chlamidia can cause infertility and can be there without any simptoms. Do not feel ashamed, be honest. Be upfront with your husband and sugest you both go to the clinic for a full check for everything. Me and my boyfriend did that before we started to have unprotected sex, luckily we were both clear. I doubt there is anyone left in the world who hasn't slipped up at one time or another, and at least by letting your husband know up front, he knows you will always be honest about things. Keeping secrets, even if you don't think they can cause any harm, can often come back to haunt you.


hi!1 i had a test done wen i was pregnant but it came back clear bt then i was sleepin wid a differnt guy so i asked him bt then one nite i slept wid another lad an he gets around alot n he has had it before so afta i slept wid him i gt checked out to be sure bt lucky 4 me i was clear.. but i dunno wat i would ov done.. i think its best to get checked out every time u change ur partner or u sex lover!!x

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