Healthy sex life after a baby: Part 3

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5. Touch your bodies

Spend the evening touching each other (this does not have to lead to full lovemaking). This is a good way to be sexually intimate after the birth of baby without having to have full sex, especially if you're worried about pain, tightness or simply not feeling ready for full sex at this stage.

Show your partner, at first, how you would like to be touched (use a mirror if this helps) - once you feel relaxed about him being there, ask him to put his hand on yours as you touch yourself. This will help him to understand about the speed and rhythm to touch you with (don't forget to tell each other what you liked/didn't like and what feelings it may have brought to the surface for you both.

6. Have fun with condoms

If you're struggling with using condoms after your break from sex, have a condom play session together to boost your confidence. Buy yourselves a bumper pack and practice putting them on and off your partner using different angles, positions, and rolling them on with your hand and mouth.

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