Healthy sex life after a baby: Part 5

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9. It's good to talk

Give each other as much positive feedback as possible (even if it's through gritted teeth at first!) and praise each other for even the smallest positive thing that they do. This will keep your intimate connection alive.

You have to keep communicating, both verbally ('I love you!' 'You're great') and non-verbally (stroking, cuddling, looking into each other's eyes). Without this, you'll wake up one day feeling that you're sleeping with a stranger or living like brother and sister, and not as lovers.

10. Variety is the spice of life

Inject adventure and fun into your relationship - try new things together - some sexual, some not. Do anything that gets you rocking and rolling in a non-domestic, non-duty bound way.

Variety keeps things fresh, so break old habits by surprising each other. If you usually make love, same place, same way on Saturday mornings then surprise him by slipping into bed wearing a sexy little number with some chocolate body paint.

This type of thing is how you'll keep meeting a new face in an old partner and fall in love again and again.

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