Healthy sex life after a baby: Part 1

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1. Spend time together

Remember to spend quality time as a couple outside your jobs as being parents, by going out for a romantic dinner or the odd weekend away alone where you don't talk baby talk.

Keep baby clothes out of the bedroom to remind yourselves that you have an adult relationship that needs its own space and time to grow and stay healthy.

2. Share the load

Look at how you juggle your domestic life and try to find a practical system where workloads are fairly distributed and harmonised so resentment is nipped in the bud.

It's important that one of you doesn't feel put upon all the time and isn't always clearing up, doing the washing or cooking all the meals.

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Rachel Foux is the author of The New Mum's Guide to Sex (Fusion Press, 2007) and runs workshops for preparing, expecting and new mums and dads. Visit for more information.

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