'I lied to stop my friend dating my best mate'

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I was best friends with this person for two years. I found him drop dead gorgeous but I never let on that I was attracted to him.

Because I didn't want to lose him as a friend, when we went out together for drinks etc, it always ended with us being flirty towards each other.

Then when we went our separate ways, we always sent flirty txt messages to each other.

One of my friends got interested in him so I told her something was going on between us because I didn't want her to have him.

I know that was really selfish but I was jealous. I know he wasn't interested in her, but I just had to make sure nothing would happen!

Nothing happened between us, so I started to date another chap instead - I guess my best mate only wanted me as a friend. But, he stopped talking to me after I started seeing my boyfriend.

I feel bad about telling people that something had gone on between us, when it never did! I don't think he knows I said anything to anyone but it keeps playing on my mind... Should I just forget about it or say something? HELP!

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tell him true i know he will angry but after someday he will think about ur love u also feel good when u tell him werever he go but he will come back 2 u if u really love him


Hey Danielle. I am in ALMOST EXACTLY the SAME situation. I am really really fond of my best friend. Who in turn, liked my other female friend, who knew how ga-ga I was, over this guy. The thing is, I am not yet ready to tell the guy about how I feel, but my girl friend wasn't interested in him, so I told her that he'd asked me for her number. Although its almost a year later, and my girl friend is seeing someone else, I still try n avoid situations where he may meet her. What you ended up doing is perfectly normal. the good thing is, you know that the guy isn't interested in your friend. I have my reasons for not telling him yet, and I don't know what your reasons are, but I suggest you must tell this guy how you feel. The thing is, he's been your best mate for two years. You know him and his goods n bads more than anyone else does (given that best friends normally do), and you're still attracted towards him!!! How many people are lucky enough to find something like that??? Plus he flirted with you too!!! You never know he talks of you with his guy friends!!! And sends posts to such random websites!!! I say go for it, girl, Coz not knowing that you could have had him is definitely a worse off deal than knowing that you can't have him. GOOD LUCK!!! And let me know how it turns out...!


i think what u did is what i wdu have done. but i wudnt want soemone to lie on me if is werent true. i think if u tell ur best friend that u like him and taht u said a lie about him he wud forgive u. just try and find that special moment without making it too obvious that ur gonna tell him something ''bad'' from ur side.


Hi Danielle... The way you acted was only human. Dont beat your self up about it. It is natural that you are going to feel jelous of the thought of your best friend been with the man you sercretly want. i think the best thing you can do now is to come completly honest and open about what you did. I think you should talk to your best friend and your friend. i hope everything goes well for you. good luck xx x

Jermey K

this was reli slfsh of u. First of all if u did like ur bst m8 thn y ddnt u ask hm out secondly y did u get a byfrd wen u knew u luved him and then tell ur bst m8 there was sumthing going on with u to u shud be ashamed of urselfe

Gemma B

You should tell your friend that was interested in your other freind the truth and maby because you started going out with this other guy your friend mabey got a little bit jealous. You should tell everyone the truth and then mabey you will get what you want Good luck


I think you got a bit jealous of your friends and scared that they were going start to like each other, but everyone makes mistakes. If what you say about him not being interested in your friend is right, then I cant see there being a problem from that point of view, however, would you be upset if someone was saying they had been intimate with you when its a lie? I think if these people do ask you outright or you hear any more about it then you would be better in the long run to tell the truth and explain that you were scared that your friendships might suffer. Saying sorry and admitting you were selfish and wrong may just help. True friends would forgive you for this silly lie.

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