Divorce - what do I do first?

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What do I do first?

Reaching the decision that a marriage is at an end is rarely something which happens overnight. It's not a decision that anyone takes lightly. It can be a long process, on some occasions taking many years.

If you think your marriage might be in difficulty, don't wait, go and see a relationship counsellor to see if things can be put back on track.

While it's usually one person who decides that a marriage is at an end, it will take two of you to agree to go to a counsellor and try and understand the problems you are facing and whether they can be fixed.

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Sometimes people like to get some legal advice at this point, to try and understand the financial and other ramifications if they decide to separate or divorce and just as importantly to see if there are any other steps they should be taking to protect themselves if it looks as though the marriage is on the rocks.

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