'I've slept with over a hundred people'

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I'm 24 years old and I've slept with over a 100 people and I just can't stop.

I've had a few boyfriends but I always end up cheating on them, I can't help it - I always try not to sleep with people but I just can't. I crave the attention that it gives me and the way it makes me feel, even if it's just for a few hours.

I want to stop it because I know that one day I might end up with a STI or getting hurt but I'm always thinking of other ways of having sex and meeting new people. I really do know that I need to stop this but I just don't know how. Please help.


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Hi NC, first i just wanted to say i think some of these comments are a bit harsh... your young, single so why souldnt you have fun?? I understand where your coming from i have slept with over 40 men and i am only 17.. However the way i see it is.. i am always carfull.... i use protection and get checked out regularly for STI's. As long as you are not in danger of any harm and your carfull then all i can say is enjoy yourself. When the right person comes along, he will not care about a number. You will stop when your ready babe... enyoy yourself and you will know when enough is enough. x x x


First off Im going to say good on yah for having fun while your still young, but this fun has got to stop somewhere, whether its with you catching something serious like HIV or meeting the man of your dreams that does everything for you, but think of what your doing for yourself. You can't seriously think people dont know what your doing and sooner or later your going to be branded the "Sket that I go to because shes easy". To be honest love your giving young women a bad name! If you know what your doing is bad then stop get help if you have to, but if you wanna be the girl that gets called a slut behind her back then carry on. Its your reputation on the line! & what man is going to want a women who has that reputation?


Yeah im not a prude or anything but what. This sleeping around could cause you problems not only could you get a STI you could also get pregnant and you dont want a chlid that doesn't know their father. Im only 14 and even i know that you shouldnt sleep around and i havent even had sex yet. it may be fun but think about your heath you are only 24 and have your whole life to live. One day you will find someone and not cheat on him. not only could this cause tyou some problems but this could also cause your family problems. Do you really want to get the slut reputation and be the person that anybody who doesnt have that someone special would go to for sex? You owe changing your life to yourself. And if you feel the urge of sex think about somthing else that doesnt involve sex. Good Luck in the Future


its ok to have sex with lots people as long as you use condoms every time and no one is getting hurt,men have sex with lots of women and its laugh but i bet you get called all sorts well fairplay to you and you will now when you meet the right person and u will not want to cheat because he will be enough for you,i was like you for a long time but i meet the man of my dreams and we are getting married next year.Also maybe there is an under lying problem like you have been hurt before so you dont give them chance to hurt you cause ive still not let him in propley because there is always a chance he could hurt me and i would porobley go and start having one night stands agian.Hope i have been of some help good luck.


I think that deep down you do this because you have low self esteem. Sleeping around might make you feel wanted for a while, but its a very dangerous game to play. You say that you know you need to stop this, so why cant you? Are you a sex addict or do you just feel that lonely that you feel you have to do this? You will get a really bad reputation by sleeping around along with god knows what diseases. Your being niave and putting yourself at risk of all sorts. Sort out your priorities and save yourself for that one special someone!


at 24 you should have a bit more common sense and self-control. These men are going for you cos you've got EASY all over your forehead, they don't respect you or care about you. You should think twice about taking a guy home next time you're out, and think about what the repurcussions could be. A disease you can't get rid of and that will make you feel ashamed in the future? An unwanted baby who grows up without its dad, or maybe not even knowing who its dad is? Next time have some self-respect and think, "i'm not going to sleep with a guy until i've gotten to know him a bit better" just give him a number or arrange a date instead. You don't even know who you're taking home, they could be any sickos how would you know after a couple of hours in a club etc? Grow up and think about what you're doing with your life.


Do you have no self respect? I am all for two consenting adults having sex if that's what they want but you must just be having someone different every night!, these mean are using you for one thing, they have no repect for you! Have fun of course but is it necessary to drop your knickers for the first man who gives you a bit of attention! I can think of one word to sum you up LOOSE!


i have slept wiv 80+ men before i meet my bf! im only 24 and been wiv my partener 3 years and have never cheated on him! live ya life! 100+ ITS ONLY A NUMBER! and 1 day u will meet some1 special!


OhEmGee get over yourself! You're 24 and have plenty of time for a relationship! Have fun while you can. And having fun doesn't mean not being sensible, you can eff as many men as you like to have fun, but it shouldn't stop you taking proper precautions. If you don't feel like stopping, you don't want to stop. So don't! You'll be able to stop when you feel ready.


Hi NC I dont believe anyone or anything can stop you apart from yourself. You have to decide what it is you want out of life. These men you are sleeping with do not respect you, horrible to say but its the truth. If you want along term loving relationship then you have to show yourself and believe that you are worty of that. Next time you are tempted into sleeping with a man you just met, give him your phone number and a wink. Good Luck and be happy x x x x


hi nc, Its totally miserable trying to stop doing something and failing. I'm with Mrs O on this one. Only the love of Jesus can totally satisfy you, he promises 'I will never leave you or forsake you'. He has changed me from the inside out and my desires too. xxx


i dont think you should feel bad.i ve a problem too,i think about other men having sex with me and have actually had sex with 4to5men since been married.i just love the way they touch me and do stuff to me(adult stuff)some were married but didnt care,but now i ve stopped cos i ve a child now.good luck in any decisions you make and decied when you want to cos once you stop there is no going back.

Mrs O------------------



you are the best, why you want to end all this if you feel good sex is fantastic you don2t finish first time end you want to start


I know how you feel, I am nearly 20 and have slept with nearly 45 men. It all started when I split up with my boyfreind of two years i felt i needed the comfort of someone else so i kept sleeping around but now i have started a relationship with someone and i have not cheated or looked at another lad like that. i would say you need to try an look for a good lad that will stand by you what ever thats what i have done an i think it works


I know how you feel, I am nearly 20 and have slept with nearly 45 men. It all started when I split up with my boyfreind of two years i felt i needed the comfort of someone else so i kept sleeping around but now i have started a relationship with someone and i have not cheated or looked at another lad like that. i would say you need to try an look for a good lad that will stand by you what ever thats what i have done an i think it works

Richard Ainsworth

if you have slept with over 100 people, u may be addicted to sex! #sexaddictsUK

Billie Parsons

It doesn't matter what age one is, if the urge for sex is there then sex it must be. For those it can be frequent and regular sex or just mad sexual moments. In my earlier years I was extremely heterosexual and had sex with as many women as I could as often as I could, probably more than 100. In time I got mildly involded in homosexual activities and for some time was having sex with both men and women, typically bi-sexual, an irresistable need that I was unable to resist for more than a very short time. Gradually, over a few years I have changed from a sex mad bi into a sex mad gay man always looking out for any man to sexually dominate me while sex with women has become a very low need. But the need for sex is still within me and I am unable to resist any opportunity that arises wherever it may arise despite often feeling disgusted with myself. Don't condemn any man or woman who is sexually hyperactive, it is an ingrained part of their nature and doesn't necessarily mean they enjoy it, just that their mind does not allow them to resist.


am not agreein having sex with manymen does mean enjoying life WHILE ur not married you can never enjoy sex.....i belv if u r a christian you will know what sex means in the eyes of the Lord....i belv u have the spirit of sex which is very bad u need to be deliverd and its only God who can do so for you and only if you make up your mind to say u seriously want to stop...THATS NOT NORMAL..i pray for you


im 24 years old, and ive slet with over 70 men... sometimes after i feel like garbage, and alot of men dont want to be serious with me because ive slept with their friends...its hard when your in a small town, but most of the time i cant help it, i love sex, but the aftermath isnt fun. i was thinking about just doing porn........might as well get paid for it


I had a friend who did the same she is in her 40's a single mom who would love too have a relationship but no decent man will even look at her.Even though she has changed she still has a bad reputation. Her dad was never there for her and I feel like she is that way because of that so maybe you have other isssues like insecurity that needs too be dealt can't love anyone else if you don't love yourself first.


If you are still reading this after you posted it however long ago. Two things, I have been there and did pretty much the same as you, though I am now early thirties. Have some fun, we all need it sometimes, but for the long term think how this is affecting you. 1) Your view of yourself, you could well start to dislike yourself because of the way you are behaving. You loose all of your innocence 2) Your view of men, and the kind of men you are attracting. 3) Your ability to maintain and find a decent long term relationship. The other thing is, is having too much choice can be a dangerous thing - sad as it sounds we all need to impose and all DO impose limits on our own behaviours, and in the long run this is a good thing. "Prevention is better than cure"


Listen love, i agree with what everyone is saying about having as much fun, as you can i completly agree however, their is a line, and the last thing you want to do is cross it. Think about it, what happens when you decide to settle down? No one will take you seriosuly. As they say "Their is girls you sleep with & their is girls you marry" - I understand that when men do it, it's ok, but when women do it they are given offensive names but do you really want to be the person to not comply with this stereotype to be judged by it? Perhaps you need love and affection and your trying to seek it out in the wrong way.


I can relate to you, I'm 18 and thus far have been with at least 13 men, most of whom are one night stands. This could be a sign of sex addiction, or it could not it really depends on whether or not you just enjoy sex or you feel you need to have sex. My only advice is to make sure you're safe and if you feel it's gone too far you could perhaps seek professional help.


You need to love yourself before anyone else will.


Im exactly the same, Ive just turned 18yrs old and slept with 15 - girls - Most of which were "straight" before they met me. Just live it out, love it. I envy you. You cant worry about getting STD's, protect your self and you'll be fine. I have the cheating problem aswell... Its hard. But life goes on.


ihey your young and enjoying life! its all part of the expierence but when u find somebody who u fall in love with, you wont feel the need to cheat.. as you will be to involved in your relationship to care about anybody else and plus you will just feel like it you and him nobody else in the world can bother you blah blah.. but untill then just chill out a bit, is there nobody recently who stood out who u can have a fling with?... u'll meet sombody soon hun... x


I need to tell you that where you are at isn't were you are ment to be. I am a older gentleman of 45 and I have been on the other side of being with a Younger girl 23 who was out there and I asked her why. simple as it may seem she just wanted someone to love and care for her. The sad thing is until she ment me every lasy man she had been with (24) all treated her like crap. She lost her virginaty at the age of 16 and the man she was with had no idea of what he was doing. In turn she began to look for what she thought was love and what it was nothing more than a unfulfilled desire inside of her. when we got together she went crazy and I found out I wa the first man to take his time and fulfill her desire. The down side was she felt that what we shard was love and it wasn't. all it was, was a good feeling for the moment. I put her in contact with a woman support group and her life has really turned around. Now I doubt if there is a man that will get her in bed without some type of real commitment. Trust me on this you are more than what the men that you sleep with see you to be.


It's all about being young, there's no point in being a recluse and not enjoying life. It's also about knowing when enough is enough. The only thing i have to say is, you mentioned the fear of getting hurt or catching an STI... What about when you want to settle down and no one wants you? Sure there's always the ability of looking back on your younger days and laughing about them, but they're not going to keep you warm at night honey. Sleeping with all the men in the world won't ease your conscience when you hurt someone you truly love!!


Honey, it's fine that you have a healthy sex life. Just use protection every time. And truthfully, yes you probably will get an STI, but these are curable. Just steer clear of anyone particularly dodgy because you really don't want to end up with HIV just for half hour of fun. And as for the cheating thing - two words: Three some.;)

Just MzMe

Hey NC I Feel YouI have had as many guys but i"ve had my share.. Anyhow many girls say things like "These men are only using you for one thing" but what makes people think that? Women also use men, It just seems wrong when a girl does it instead of a guy is WRONG, but I ask myself why whena girl does it shes a HOE But when a guy does it he's the man. We all need it and we all desireit, You jst gotta be carefull.


if u r worried ur not normal then dont.i have been with lots of men, nobody knows. its not about being easy, its about doin what u like. im 19 and had 2 relationships. 1 was 2 years and the other was one. i never cheated but before and after i had LOTS of fun.actually they r not using u. u r using them lol. i am not making fun of u. just make sure u use protection. one advice:its a smart thing not to go out with people that know eachother cos its not nice if people talk about u. also dont tell even ur closest friends cos they might spread the re not doing a mistake if u feal nice about it. its a mistake if u feel used. and dont worrry about those who talk about god coz they just dont understand. and to those that write harsh comments, they are wrong to judge especially sm1 thats asking 4 help. by the way if u really like sm1 then u will realise u wont wanna cheat, so dnt worry.lots of love!!!


you need to go find the nearest church and get some help obviously have hurts from your past and this is how you feel loved.if you give ur life to the lord you will feel an amazing love from him.the lord can forgive u and u can then forgive urself.god can find u a husband that is fun in the bedroom fulfilling all ur needs but still lead u in security,love and trust. swingers is not the answer!


Buy a rampant rabbit & D.I.Y.!


im 19 and have slept with 5 people, only one of which was a one night stand. My cousin is a year younger and has slept with over 50 - it just depends on what your like and what your attitude is towards sex. I dont see it as a priority whereas someone like my cousin does. I think that people are being nice and encouraging for you to enjoy yourself while your young but if you are writing into, what is ultimately a problem page, then you are obviously not happy with the way things are and want help to do something about it. I dont think your addicted to sex, i think your addicted to the attention you get from guys when having sex with them. But, although image is an important factor in many relationships, a good personality will go alot further than a few hours! I dont know why you cant just go out with guys instead of sleeping with them, because remember that when your looks go your personality will be all you have left! I met my boyfriend of three years and we had sex the first time we met, but fortunately he didnt boot me out afterwards, and wer still together. I think you should start to concentrate on getting attention because of who you are and not only what you can do for someone else - guys are taking advantage of your vulnerability and your letting them! Concentrate on your friends aswell - guys arent that good and friends dont leave once theyv taken what they can. I hope this advice helps and sorry its a bit long! x


ive been there 2 hun! im 17 n finaly settled afta bou 170!im happy wit him n preg n cant w8 2 get on wit my life i no it hard but i got thru it u jus need will power.dnt even think your a slag n dnt listen 2 people who say that your just veri indesicive who u want!keep tryin youll soon find a guy 2 make u happy and settle!xxx


First off. You need to get checked for STDS. It's ovbious to me that your craving love!! but by sleeping with lots of different men isnt helping your reputation, what if someone nice comes along and finds out what your really like? they will run a mile. You should think about going into rehab..your probably addicted to sex...Some people go thru that.

keith w

You like having sex. So what. Find a boyfriend who likes having sex as much as you with different people and join as many swinger groups as you can find. You won't be cheating, your relationship will last and remain hot, and...well that'll answer your conflict...


Well, to me sleeping with guys is real person, i respect myself, im young and i dont want to have slept with 10men by the time im 18. but the choice is yours. if your not ready to settle down and to carry on doing your thing, u might as wel do it, just when you do finally meet that someone... id say take of 50% of the men you slept with. if he does ask.


i thinkit's great that you areliving freely and that while your young, But your going to have to learn soonthat this will have to stop or you may get a nmae for yourself which im sure you don't want, And as you said you could catch something or YOU could get hurt. You know you should think about the man aswell,You could possible hurt him too! Hope you solve your problem :)x


hiiya not being funny but we all do things we sumtime later regret. but think about it theres nothing wrong with what your doin your putting yourself first and doin what you want i think we should all take the time to put ourselves first. youll settle down when your ready. if your partner was the right man for you you wouldnt feel the need to cheat so my advice is carry on doin what you want and enjoy yourself while your young!!! xxx

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