Sex quiz: Find your perfect sex position

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We've got lots of sex positions here on goodtoknow but short of trying every single one (which might not be such a bad thing), how do you know which positions are best for you and your partner?

We've tried to narrow it down for you with our sex positions quiz, based on your preferences, his size and your stamina levels.

1) Who do you prefer to be in control when you're having sex?

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abdul hamid

Been married since 1979 have 6 children. I'm, 59 years old. Still strong and my wife 50 years old and still sexy. How to remain young and strong.


such good information i have tried a couple and they do work.

Craiglist Spammer

Great stuff! You should email me a new tip every day!

Jayant Kumar Dugar

you will growing your mind. must trying


this is!

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