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I'd suspected for a long time, but lately I've become certain that my husband likes to wear women's clothes.

I first noticed something weird going on when I came home from work and found my clothes all crinkled up and moved around a couple of times .

I like everything neat and tidy and that's the only reason I noticed they weren't how I left them. I said to him 'Why have you been in my wardrobe?' and he just muttered something about looking for a shirt.

This happened a few more times and I started to worry about what he was doing with my clothes - I even thought maybe he had another woman.

One day it all became very clear. He works from home usually and is his own boss so is pretty flexible about hours. I'd taken a half day to surprise him as we'd both been really busy lately and I wanted us to spend some quality time together.

I got home about 2pm and let myself in, I heard the radio on upstairs so I went up and walked in to our bedroom. There I saw something so bad I didn't know what to do.

My husband - the man I love - was standing in front of the mirror in our bedroom wearing my slinky black dress and fishnet stockings and dancing to Wham!

I felt sick. I didn't know what to do and as he hadn't seen me. I snuck back out the room, left the house and just went to the park and cried. This was about a week ago. I've barely spoken to him since - he knows something's wrong but has no idea what it is. I just don't know what to do - what does it mean? Is he gay? Does he want to be a woman? What? We were talking about trying for a baby, now I can't bear to look at him.

I love him so much but I don't know if I can deal with this. I want to just pretend I never saw it, maybe then things could go back to the way they were. I'd appreciate anyone's advice as I can't talk to anyone I know about this, it's too shameful.


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I also like to dress in woman.s cloths my wife found out through my daughter as she caught me she like you doesent like it but we got thru it i still like you to dress up i think its the feel the silkyness the feel of the cloths and by the way i still like to dress up but im not gay

Cotet nicu

hey, that was goin to far, wen he dress in woman cloth he shut be stay in home/room not out side for see people,on my opinion am never go out just if some1 have to kill me only :)

Cotet nicu

wrong! "Do what's best for you, not for him and his fetish."


Megan, I moved in with my boyfriend 3 years ago and when we moved in I found a box with dildos, skirts, fake tits etc. I of course was like what the hell is this. He explained he liked to dress up and pleasure himself this way. Long story short I accepted it. Well then it started to progress. He shaved his legs, whole body, bought heels, bought a wig and even put on makeup. Ok now I still accepted it and I believe because I did, it went too far. I was a work and I get a call from my townhome office place telling me that there have been complaints about a man dressed up like a women, flashing people and grinding up against the parking lot pole. She said that she sww that it was my boyfriend and said were going to be evicted. I of course got us out of that but Im thinking wow Im out there busting my ass for our future while hes at home destroying it. This all started with me accepting it. Now he has gone behind my back bought wigs, camis, etc. I was open minded when all he did was dress in womens clothes. Then the shaving, camis, shoes, wigs, makeup and to me the abnormal way for a straight man to pleasure himself. See if your man dresses up like a women and doesnt do the rest of those things, then personally Id rather be faced with that then what Im facing now. Good luck.

Cotet nicu

a man you have to search your gay man not me am not gay i like woman not man sorry

Cotet nicu

Hi,Comon its just a cloth nothing more, just inside home not out for see the people and dont dress wen u got kids,but haha i know more womans thei are gelouse why man using them cloth and feeling haha ok why woman dressing like man in pants feeling like man haha guys its just cloth, relly i love have a woman-wife who like dress me full up like woman then jokes and make fany and sex but this nothing to do about gay, am not gay i dont like mans am for womans so am man, but cloth dressing in house- room that is nothing bad, just never out side our see you people or your kids, thanks


This one will be much shorter. Find you a hole to crawl in a die. Thanks.


Look, its simple, you cant say you "Love" anyone & not love all of them. If your love has limits, you know nothing of what it means to love at all. I feel sorry for the man that trusted his whole self to you only to have you betray that trust & comfort. You're a heartless woman & should be ashamed of yourself. I trust & Love My Woman, as she does me. Anything I would share with her, she would never see me different, nor would I to here. We are still the people we fell in Love with. Sorrow I feel in my heart for you, & even more so for him.


Private. I have discovered a few things about the man I love and am supposed to marry my undergarments and teddies have been commingl up missing as well as my makeup now I have a 3 year old girl and I know she's not doing it well then one night his phone rang and I was able to unlock it well I started looking thru it and found something I wish I had never seen a video of my man naked?????? I don't know what to do I feel sick to my stomach can't hardly look at him let alone kiss him or even touch him WHAT DO I DO we have a daughter together and I Do love him very much PLEASE. HELP ME?????????


yes but where do you draw the line ? what about your partners feelings ? why is everything acceptable i.e. will you be having it off with a lamp post next? surely there has to be a bit of normality?

fun man

My girlfriend buys clothes snd sexy things just for me to wear during sex. I enjoy it as well. Makes her happy and turns her on. Should allow him to model for you and makes it a fun thing for the both of you


I would seriously consider reducing his body temp to room tempterature. One pop right behind the ear works every time. 😈


The bottom line is that your husband is cross dressing. Do you feel that this is indicative of a mentally healthy person? Cross dressers aren't typically known for being rocks of mental well being. I would talk to him about it. Find out if maybe he needs to see someone.

Christina Marie Rosales

so many responses here and I am not sure what i will say. My older sister started my track in dressing. She dressed me up and took me to school s her little sister. It soon morphed into her making me into her live Barbie doll. I actually loved the attention I got from her. But she used it as border line humiliation. She invited her girlfriends over and they all saw me dressed up and gave me a girls name. I came to love wearing girls clothes more than boys clothes. In later life the dressing was a stress reliever. Stress from work, money issues etc and I would get all dolled up, and have a glass of wine at home and be relaxed. I have only been out with my wife dressed. I was very nervous. But on the other hand my neighbors have seen me, taking out the trash, feeding the horses, yard work etc. My wife still has issues with it but she knows that I love her and she is the only one for me. She has bought panties for me, and she has shown dresses to me when we are shopping and asked if I wanted it. By the way, I love women


If you believe he's a con man I suggest you divorce him and save him the pain of being with a heartless b**** Carrie.


So then I guess it's not ok for women to wear men's clothing. Now that's bullshit, how would you like it if men all of the sudden said that we don't like you wearing men's clothing?


I honestly dont see a problem with any bloke dressing in womens clothing a lot of men do it. I would embrace it and get involved you never know you might like it. I know I do and its lots of fun

Good girl

my wife what me to dress in skirt blouse and cardigan and noylon overall do all cleaning in house when she out at work if am good she what me to go out with her dress in classics looking clothes i have been out few time last year with my wearing skirt blouse cardigan and noylon overall with nice wool coat in winter i look like 50- 60 year old women i can now pass as O.A.P she what me to go out with her mother to O.A.P Club and next week club going to Blackpool so am very shy going out with club why do i have wear my noylon overall when go to Blackpool can you help me ? am good girl what you thing thank you


Right, Your husband is obviously feeling like he can't be the man anymore because your not being enough of the woman. Start pleasing him orally and let him dominate you. This will soon change


john my wife tells me to dress up for her its turns her on

Nicu Cotet

haha sorry but am not gay i love woman


First off, I can see where it would be shocking to come home and find this out about your husband. The fact is that there are so many men who do this. You are not alone. I can't tell you how many threads I've read on different sites in regards to this. It's simply amazing. That being said, your husband has probably been this way for a very long time. It is not something someone just decides to do on a whim. I am a man, and I love to where sexy women's things. It is simply a fetish, or it could delve deeper. This is something that you should sit down and discuss with your husband. You think you were horrified? Wait till you tell him. He will be just as embarrassed. It seems hard I know for you to comprehend. I myself made it a point to tell my wife prior to getting married. And, you know what? She was very understanding of my feelings, and actually enjoys it now. Especially in the bedroom. I wanted so bad to tell her how I felt, so I "manned" up and told her. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I'm sure if you confront your husband and be friendly about it, that the two of you will either come to an understanding, or you won't. It just seems silly to throw away a marriage for how ever long you've been married, over something that can simply be discussed. And if it turns out that you can't accept it, then so be it. At least you and your husband will have been open enough to talk through it. It may turn out that he is a transexual, or he just simple likes to "dress up" and show his feminine side. Oh, and if he does like to just dress up, it does NOT make him gay. Hope this helps.


nice ass! I'd like to bite it! and kiss it!


Love it! You look smashing!

wife of a crossdresser

Honey its all good,the man loves you,and there is nothing wrong with guys who like to wear womans clothing,my man was streight when i met him but we want somethin new and i susjested why not put sexy lingerie on,after a few hours of wearing female clothing around home he began to like it,,so honey go with the flow,show me where it sayss men cant wear lingerie or womens clothing

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