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I'd suspected for a long time, but lately I've become certain that my husband likes to wear women's clothes.

I first noticed something weird going on when I came home from work and found my clothes all crinkled up and moved around a couple of times .

I like everything neat and tidy and that's the only reason I noticed they weren't how I left them. I said to him 'Why have you been in my wardrobe?' and he just muttered something about looking for a shirt.

This happened a few more times and I started to worry about what he was doing with my clothes - I even thought maybe he had another woman.

One day it all became very clear. He works from home usually and is his own boss so is pretty flexible about hours. I'd taken a half day to surprise him as we'd both been really busy lately and I wanted us to spend some quality time together.

I got home about 2pm and let myself in, I heard the radio on upstairs so I went up and walked in to our bedroom. There I saw something so bad I didn't know what to do.

My husband - the man I love - was standing in front of the mirror in our bedroom wearing my slinky black dress and fishnet stockings and dancing to Wham!

I felt sick. I didn't know what to do and as he hadn't seen me. I snuck back out the room, left the house and just went to the park and cried. This was about a week ago. I've barely spoken to him since - he knows something's wrong but has no idea what it is. I just don't know what to do - what does it mean? Is he gay? Does he want to be a woman? What? We were talking about trying for a baby, now I can't bear to look at him.

I love him so much but I don't know if I can deal with this. I want to just pretend I never saw it, maybe then things could go back to the way they were. I'd appreciate anyone's advice as I can't talk to anyone I know about this, it's too shameful.


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live and let live

I think you need to think about your husband as well as yourself, Why does he feel the need to hide it from you? Probably because of the reason you have stated on her, instead of posting it on here go talk to him, I know exactly how he feels because I did the same thing to my ex wife, she knew nothing of my extra marital activities and I so wanted to tell her, but she sort of knew but not for definite, she did question me a few times and I denied it, because she said my marriage would be over if she found out I was dressing up. I have now met someone else and told her from the start and she never had a problem with it asking only one question "are you gay"? I said no and that was it, we enjoy shopping for sexy things and we have a fantastic sex life, I do on occasions sit around the house with sexy underwear on without fear of anything now, you wouldn't believe the relief i feel from her knowing and approving. We have an agreement that I DONT do it when we have guests, but i do wear them we we go for a meal it excites her knowing that i have them on. encourage your man and enjoy it, its not strange or immoral and it makes him feel good and gives him a sexy feeling, if he knows you know then you can both enjoy it, but do have boundaries. I hope you do let him exercise his fantasy you are so missing out on a great experience, if its not your thing tell him he can only do it when your our but don't be surprised if you catch him now and again. We get married this year and she has asked me to wear white sexy undies, and of course i,lll oblique ..Understand his needs too and you will be fine.




You poor thing, it's no wonder you felt sick when discovering your husbands secret - dancing to Wham even in secret is inexcusable.


davyt is right, as he previously stated, you married the man yu loved, and no this appears, the thing is is you are not use to it, and it bothers you, and since your marriage he is the same guy, tell me what are some of the things you like to do that are different from other people, now look at his situation, this is the boat he is in, im not saying to incourage it, but dont lock him out it will only hurt you, your kids, him, and any other family you may have. it is pretty common among men


truthfully, look at it this way, a main male gene is curiosity, now male figures don generally like being told they cant do something and when it comes to wearing female clothing, some men wonder what it would be like, to a male it isnt fair to not be able to wear the clothing a female can, when a female can wear the clothes a male can wear, it is up to you what you do, but remember you will have a very good shopping buddy and it is only natural for someone to be curious, even women are. try seeing it from his point of view


well firstly, are they his size, if not oh dear Dx


hooray sense at last well done


do you wear pants/trousers/jeans, well gat a grip its you who is the crossdresser here, if you better half wants to feel soft material for a change ,so what!! I can almost guarantee he is not gay, think about it how do you feel when you have just waxed or shaved your legs an pull on hose, it feels great doesnt it, well so it does for him also, now you are shareing the same feelings and becoming one, this becomes a great partnership as you both know the feelings you are getting, just go with it you might be surprised. hugs x


Wow, I am shocked by the responses. There is nothing wrong with being shocked and appalled at finding out your husband dresses like a woman. If he had told you before you got into a serious relationship that would be one thing, but he has been living a lie. Don't be "ashamed" if you're not comfortable with it or bluntly don't want to be in a marriage with a man who dresses like a woman. There is no way I could ever look at my husband or boyfriend the same again if I had caught him in that situation. Regardless of how much I loved him, that is a life changing event and I would not be able to stick by him. Do what's best for you, not for him and his fetish.


To be honest, if you're really that fickle about him that something this insignificant is enough for you to be disgusted and want to leave him, its probably better for both of you you end it now. I pray that one day he'll find someone who actually loves him.


What's shameful is your attitude, Megan! Maybe he should have brought it up before you got married, but clearly he is ashamed of it too, because he feels like you will judge him, which clearly you are doing. If you can't accept his lifestyle, then you'd better take that ring off. You should have a talk about it, to clear out the air and to get rid of any other little secrets. Your husband just likes to play dress-up sometimes, is he really harming anyone? Many people have other lives than the one their living, that doesn't make them 'strange' or 'diseased.' If you try to stop him, things will get worse. He has to decide on his own what he wants to do about it. Of course, it is wrong for him to use your stuff without asking. If you want to be supportive, ask him to go shopping with you for femme clothes for him. That would be a good start. So open your mind, or get out! Make your decision.


I am a cross dresser and finally found a woman that understands ME. she is will to have fun with me as her male lover and as her best girl friend! all these years and its true. there are wonderful understanding women out there. However, if the CD is not passable and nerver will be then you must ell him to give it up. there is nothing worse than an ugly CD Bobbi


hi Megan, i'm so sorry for your position , i myself have had to endure this problem, it is a condition that your partner will not cure himself from, so best to get wise a start getting a new life, i had children which was hard to hide the secret from and family and friends to lie to about my situation, in the end i got depressed and went to doctor for help, he could only give me pills. no support groups for the wife only support groups for the cross dresser get out while you can


Hi Megan, You need to lighten-up and realise that your reaction to discovering him doing this is showing you your 'Beliefs' ..that men shouldn't do this etc. These 'beliefs' are invisible until something causes you to feel bad, then you know you have beliefs about it.. are making judgments. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' in such actions. Men are aesthetic creatures too. Mens clothing is very conservative and often boring. It is a restriction on choice of experience! Examine those beliefs you have!


Hi megan! soo-- my boyfriend went through some traumatic events-- we have been through alott together! he went away and we discovered his kinky side-- well-- at least he told me about it-- i try very hard to make him happy by dressing him up and doing the things he likes.. i still feel kinda sad because i feel like he has taken both roles-- the girl and guy- but we talk about it often- and i think we r slowly finding a happy medium- dont worry about him being gay-- or tranny-- he is only doing it because he likes the sexiness of a woman- he prob wants to tell u and doesnt know how too- if i were u i would use this as an advantage! u r very lucky!! u shud find some cute things and force him to dress all up like a girl-- it will shock and surprise him and he will be able to open up to you-- he will love you making him do something he secretly loves to do! best of luck! :)


most of these comments are awful. you marry someone for better or worse. i am a 27year old man who has been with my loving wife since junior year of high school. i recently expressed my until now unfulfilled need to occasionally feed my feminine side. I am one hundred percent straight but there is that small part of me that feels the need to be soft and for lack of a better way of saying it feels like maybe somewhere in me is a little bit of a girl. My wife took me shopping and helped me pick things out. this isn't an everyday thing but just every now and then that i feel like dressing up. use it as a way to become closer to your man it can be an amazing way to spice up your love life. Women can be dominant and dress like a man why can't an otherwise manly man be soft and girly every once in a while. I know for me it wasn't some "sick" choice it was a deep need in my heart. I guess i am just lucky to have a woman who love and accepts me enough to let me be the girl i feel inside every once in a while.


I got a surprise when a man,dressedas a woman, answered a door to me at a house I called at as a nurse fairly often.I had known the family for some years and he was a father,had a loving family relationship with his wife and children,was masculine in the sense of bodybuilding and problem that day was the terrible dress sense!his loving wife helped him and his clothes improved-he was one of several men I have met who just like womens clothes especially the feel of them.Personal choice I think-I understand a wife being worried but is it because she is worried about being lied to?hope it works out-at least he is interested in cleanliness and won't smell like a sweaty dustbin!


Megan, I'm so sorry for you. What an awful shock, so many things thrown into doubt. I'm a male who enjoys wearing womans clothing. I'm not and never will be, gay. I dont wear make up, wigs or heels, in short, I'm not trying to look like a woman. My reason always was, I just really enjoyed the feeling of the clothing. I am married and my wife, after finding out about my 'dressing', was as appalled as you sound to be. I felt terrible that i had changed all her perseptions / hopes for us etc. Talk to him, tell him your feelings / fears. If you cannot accept this in your life (and I 100% understand what your going through and, I sound hipocritical here) I dont think I could in the circumstances you describe. I stopped after upsetting my wife but I have to admitt to still having a desire to try clothing on. We now talk openly about my/her feelings and I must admit, I feel closer to her and realise how selfish |I was being. I do hope you can talk it through with each other but, if you decide to stay together, rest assured his desire/it wont go away. I wish you all the best in your thoughts and desisions. Stefan


My husband/boyfriend (We're not technically married, but have been engaged for the last 2 years and have a beautiful 6m. baby girl!) found out 2 days ago that he feels more comfortable in women's clothing, and, with an almost un-human open-mindedness that I often pride myself in, I told him that I was fine with it. It if made him feel better, then have at it! And I thought it would be okay. Well, that idea went out the window yesterday when we went shopping with our Christmas money. We went our seperate ways to shop, and when he came to find me, he had fishnet stockings in his hand. Whatever, I said, that's fine. But it all went to hell when I was shopping for a good, sexy, push-up bra (Something you just have to have after your boobs turn to jello when breastfeeding!) and he joined in the fun! He found himself a pretty blue polka-dot bra, and a pack of boyshort panties. He also bought himself a skirt (Which I love!) and balloons to simulate, well, y'know. Well, I felt my stomach twist and turn as the masculine image of my husband was warped into something seeming to containing more estrogen then I wanted to deal with. I became sullen, and he still doesn't know why. I just don't know how to tell him that I'm as okay with his cross-dressing as I thought I was. It's not because I'm repulsed by it, by any means. It's simply that it affects that masculine comfort that I think all women need. I still love him so much it hurts, and I don't want him to feel like I don't accept him, because I do. I'm just not as comfortable with it as I thought I was. I just want him to be happy, because it's been on that quest his entire life. It does swell my heart to see him happy with the way he looks, but it also ironically squeezes it in a death grip to look at him dressed as a women. I don't want to leave him for the sake of our daughter, nor to make him feel worse about it. I also have no qualms about raising my daughter this way. We weren't necessary your ordinary couple before.


When i first learned of my boyfriends add likes, i was to say the least very disapointed. I was scared because it was so different for me. But the more i thought about it the more i want him to be happy, and if that means helping him with his makeup every once in awhile then so be it. He is well aware that this is somthing that im doing entirly for him and that it does not by any means turn me on..but he is just beside himself that one im excepting him and two that he gets to share something with me thats important to him. If you love him try and except the change. Talk to him about it. Your not wrong for feeling the way you do. I did and still do, But it makes me happy to see him so happy to be able to talk to me about this. I really hope that you havnt already left him without speaking to him. I wish you the best of luck.


I am a crossdresser,married for 36yrs. She knew 2yrs before we were married. We have 2 adult kids. I am straight. My first priority is my family, then my dressing. I do go out in public with my family. I have been dressing since i was 10yrs old. You should talk with him. Let him tell you his feelings. If you can, let him dress in private. 98% of crossdressers are straight who wants a woman and afamily in there lives. He should accept your feelings, but no one can change the way he feels about dressing-up. Try to understand his desire to dress,we cannot change.


to megan i know its a shock for females to find out there man dresses up in girly clothes you dont need to split up just help him dress and make him wear make up to in private in your own house you could still have a great relasonship i wish i could find a understanding female who understood about dressing up in girly clothes we men feel great inside dressed as a girl sometimes take care all regards steve


wow how shallow, clearly someone that has never spared a thought for anyone but herself, sickening. Its hard to believe that such a hateful person exists. Do you wear pants? a tie? if so... would you expect your husband to abandon you in tears and then have the lack of morals to say that he is the one suffering? Grow up. Unbelievable.

Jane Simmons

I'm not surprised by the blatant trans/homophobia going on here, but make absolutely no mistake, the lot of you who say that you're "sick" over your man crossdressing-- the lot of you are *homophobes*, and it is *entirely* your conditioning that causes suicides in transgendered people. So keep it up, you selfish, ignorant children.


This is a new age. A time of acceptance and freedom. If you can't accept the fact that you're husband dresses in women's clothing - leave him. Don't make him feel ashamed for what he feels is right. It's not repulsive or disturbing... it's just clothes. I've worn my boyfriends shirts, briefs, pants, and socks before so why can't a boy wear our clothes? The only reason that it's never been done in the past or is normally hidden is due to the fact it wasn't accepted and people were literally killed or exiled for something like that. This isn't that time anymore. Let him be who he is. The reason he is doing this is because it's what makes him feels good inside. Making him hide it or making him feel guilty for something that he feels is right is selfish on YOUR part not his. It's understandable that he probably should have said something before you were married, but maybe he felt you were the woman that could handle something like that since you're supposed to LOVE each other. It's not him being selfish it's you for the fact that you can't let him be himself because it's too hard on you. Sorry, but I think you guys are ridiculous if you think your husbands are the one being selfish. Listen to yourselves. It's understandable that it's new and different and something you probably didn't sign up for. And if that's the case and you can't accept it leave him.


Megan,your husband simply has a "fetish". There are many,many men like him all over the world. I know because I share that fetish. It doesn't mean that he loves you any less. His feminine side just wants to come out. He would probably love to have sex with you while he was wearing woman's clothes. Especially lingerie. I know I would. You should accept it and tell him you're OK with it. I know its sounds heavy but its really not a bad thing. Not something to lose a marriage over. Think about it. Good luck from "SJCARL".

Roger Walburn

i am acrosdresser to andi am just comming out more and it makes me feal better when am dressed and it dos not make me gay it dos not ae my wife or my kids like m ny less itis just cloths i say wear what makes you feal good my wife even dos my hair for me some times if you gotface book you can add me

Mark Rutter

At the end of the day, he is still the person you married. You said yourself you love him. So what's the difference between a shirt and a blouse. Women wear jeans that were designed for men to wear. It's just clothes and as long as he is happy why shouldn't you be happy with him.the man you love is still there, nothing has changed, he ain't gay or anything, he just likes to look sexy and what's wrong with that.


I wouldnt do anything Megan after all he is not doing any harm probably the same as a lot of guys, I like wearing girls clothes do it as often as I can just wish the wife would understand


megan reply me if you see this i wanna know from you i too have same feeling today itself i start searching that there are several men like me i like to dress like women but fear to dress in front of public so i dress when i am single when girls can dress like men then why cant a man dress like women??what wrong in it i wanna know from you is this worng??


i too have same feeling but i have one ? when women can dress like men then why cant a man dress like women


Megan: If you tried to understand and embrace your husband's desires to feel feminine, it will lead to a new closeness between the two of you.

Joe Powell

He loves you. He has a side to him which is not necessarily a choice. It will bring you no harm, and as long as it is agreed there are no 'hookups', then you might just adjust to a little more sexual freedom for him. Who knows, you might just find it a turn on and somehow join in. It's great to be in a sandwich - after you 'get' anal sex, it is something which you will not easily give up. Try doing him with toys and a strap on. It's just sex, so loosen up. No one cares.


well people because a man fells sexy wearing ladies clothes. or because en fem they engage in sexual contect this does not make them gay. example a domina takes control of a man and puts things in places. or an actual man does and ...... weak up people its just sex. you are not making out you are not on a date you dont plan to share anything with that person other then a sexual act. and so? i always put myself in another situation. if for some reason i could not satisfy sexually my wife, for health reasons or any other reasons. this does not change my love for her or me. its simple i would push for her satisfy her needs. at the end of the day if she comes home to us and is honest about everything there is nothing wrong. we need to embrace these things and it will make us into happy people.

Vee Gee

Lying is wrong. He is selfish. He does not care that she is now torn into pieces. He has undermined her entire belief system. He has crumbled her emotions. He doesn't know who he is, and has now made it so she can't know who he is no who she is anymore. Now she feels guilty or his crap.

internet merper

Exactly what i was about to say... except you said it so much better x


There is nothing wrong with him crossdressing, I have been crossdessing for over 30 years. The wife knows, but does not approve. Dressing in womans clothes won't turn him gay, it could really enhance your sex life.


It's the dancing to Wham I would worry about more hon lol. All kidding aside I am a crossdresser albeit a straight one dedicated to my very understanding girlfriend of 3 years now.She knows as I could not live with the lies and ,after reassuring her a few times that I am not at all attracted to me and do not want a sex change she was very mature about it.Don't assume the worst,sit down and talk to him and voice your very real concerns.You may be surprised,it may strengthen your relationship as it has mine with my girlfriend. It may like myself just be a sensual quirky sort of personality thing.I love dressing up a few times a week and often sleep in lingerie but when my Gf needs me to be a man I can do that too Good Luck hon :)


How are you able to understand and deal with something like this?

Jennifer Owen

sometimes its inbred into men. Society is rapidly becoming female controlled.and gender reversal is running rampant. it won't be long before the whole world is either gay lesbian or female. if i was your husband, i'd accept your terms. something like. private getaways to places where you can dress up. cruises ,resorts , private parties, etc.women are even running for the presidency nowadays. technology leaves no place for man as he was.if you allow it he will always want it. if you don't he will always feel he has to hide it from you. marriage is based on friendship. what would a friend do?


Recently it came to my thoughts that why does women have the right to dress as the please, female-wise, male-waise, sexy-wise, ... you name it, and it is simply accepted. One may claim it suits her well, not that well, awful but nobody says it unacceptable. It just her own business. That started when I was a kid, in the 60's, where brave [real] hot women came out in England with the so-called hot-pants. And they were spanked on their behinds, and sowhat?! People were shocked, men, women, young and old, but at the end of the day it became accepted. This did not stop, and women that are brave, went further on, and have not stopped. Now what about men? SHould they not straight up and do what they in fact like and enjoy, feel confortable, sexy, fulfill there deepest wishes. Does this make them gay, fags, weak, stupid, less men? Why should they hide themselves and do these"awful" things hidden, private and suffer [and I mean really suffer] the consequences at home, public and their work for the simple fact that this is a tabu !! Hey, we are in the 21st century? hasn't the world changed drastically (for the better and for the worse? ... Then why should men continue using "gray suits" or use plain jeans with there pants showing of and not be allowed to use women "classified" wardrobe? Or they less men? I think what should count is whether we, men and women, are content with ourselves, friendly with other, counting more what is "inside" us and not what "outside" us. Why do we have to continue judgubd the others by their looks, instead of by being themselves.

Dawn Green

both men and women should be honest.there is nothing worse then being betrayed by the person you love. I am broad minded but I detest liars If you believe that your partner loves you then trust them with the truth if it doesn't work out then they were not meant for you . living a life of deceit is NOT the way forward once the trust has gone it is gone forever Megan ....... strangely I think I know you (or your mum)

Kelly Pow

do you think the guy should be dressed fully like a female 24/7 for putting on the clothing in the first place

Rahul Khan

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it is what it is

I dont think there is anything wrong with it I just LOVE the thrill and feeling I get wearing stockings or pantyhose. Its undescrible. I had put my wifes on downstairs last night and then went up stairs and removed them she has no idea that I do it but im so turned on by it that I litterly explode in her I love her to pieces and she loves me Im planning on telling her about it cause I cant keep secrets from her. Im happy anytime I can touch my femmine side. I relish the thought of being submissive to her. She should be happy when she finds out she can rule the roost you should consider yourself lucky


If you go out to a town pub tonight 1 in 4 of the men you meet could be gay! if you go to a meeting of Crossdresses/Transvestites 1 in 7 of the men there could be gay ! If you hate the idea of your man turning out to be gay you would be safer attending a TV / CD event. As for all of you TV / CD's tell your intended wife BEFORE you marry of your hobby. that goes for Golf/Football/Nights out with the Lads/ train spotting/Etc. Girls look for the positives ! he wont complain how long you take to get ready. Get one your own size and Double your wardrobe, they will watch a girly movie with you and share your tissues. TV/CD can be the most gentalist careing good fun partner you could ask for. Unto yourself be true.


@sheila037 heres a book YOU can read. its called bite me. women have been crossdressing since they stopped wearing dresses :) oops i guess thats different,,women can do whatever they want,,if only it where a perfect world!!


i dont see a problem,,i wear womens jeans,,and chicks think im hottt!!! and in not gay


To be very honest after reading the letter i was amazed, as i have been dressing in Lingerie for years, and my wife evens buy's it for me, bra's, panties, camisoles, suspenders and stockings, as well as nightdress and bady dolls. This is so i don't wear her's, and we both enjoy the dressing and feminisation of me, i love the feeling of the soft lingerie next to my skin, which is shaved on a regular basis, and our love making is wonderful! even if my panties and babydoll gets wet from the exercise!


I dress up in womens clothing every day. Im straight. I love women. I love vagina! But I get turned on in a different way and feel sexy in women's clothing. I dont go in public. I may wear some panties under reg clothing but its only to have that sexy secret and to push the limit. See how he feels and communicate. I also feel closer to girls when I do this even though I may spend the weekend in bed with my lover. See if he feels similar.


some womans like but some thei are very very jelous wen she see man in his cloth and thei start argui, thei are nervos,why man can feel the cloth woma why? that is the question of jelous woman, ofcourse thei just want feel only them wath is nice not both, but is tha past 100+ years womans dressing more like man= pants,yes i like dress like woman but only in home not out see to see me the people and not wen we got kids never, i`m not a gay and i dont like man, so Marry if you no like this becouse is only cloth no else,please dont be a jelous and leave people to feel wath they like this not kill no one omg

some dude

If you love him, continue to do so. So he likes wearing women's clothes. If he is into you (and also your clothes), and not into other men, what's the big deal? Talk with him about it, and be a couple. Work out the issues.


It was a shock the first time I saw my husband dressed up. I think he had got alot of the clothes from charity shops. I eventually came to accept this little hobby; with the condition that he shared it with me and not with others! On reflection now it seems all rather harmless: they are just clothes! In fact I now even like going to places and take photographs for him; I think some of my work is quite artistic.

Cotet nicu

Hi, i relly love this i like have one gf/wife like you to do like this but this not goin to far, i dont like wen i`m in dresss lady go out home to see me the people or if i got kids that is problem i`m not goin to show them this becouse am man not idiot or gay,about go out in dress woman all cloth etc yes only 1 day in year is on halloween or if one day specialy not even more,i`m not a gay i dont like a man i love and like woman but i like dressing inside home like a woman/girl but not alone,wen i`m in cloth/lengery like lady i love to do sex with my gf/wife and more fany and laught i like to do and joke but out side i`m man and that i respect wath god make me,thanks.

Cotet nicu

i love have a woman to dressing me up like woman but only in home never to see me any people


Also you might ask yourself why he wants to dress up as a woman? Ask him why he likes it, and why it is important to him. Don't ask in a mean spirited way, especially if you really love him as you say you do. Ask in a way that helps you understand. If it something you just can't handle, then leave him now. If is something that you can try and learn about, then talk to him often about it, buy him some panties or maybe a dress, but something that tells him you are trying to understand. Try and make it fun together, you should try and fantasize a little, it should be fun together. Most cross dressers are heterosexual and have no desire to be with a man and in fact prefer to be with woman. You will not find a more loyal man than one you can share his and your deepest fantasies with. Many men if allowed to express their feminine side, will offer more in a relationship than a man that has not discovered or been allowed to show their feminine side. It can be a win win situation for both.


I feel so fortunate. I have always wore panties since before I met my wife, and have always shaved my body. I told her about wearing panties and stockings up front before we got serious. We married about 2 years later. Over time my wife would come home with new clothing for me such as tops and shorts. She has bought me perfume, mascara, eye liner, lip stick, jewelry and she had my ears pierced twice. A couple years ago I had to have both my hips replaced due to an accident, it was hard to get pants on so my wife went to good will and bought me a couple of knee length skirts and an aline dress. I wore them everyday while I was recovering. We each liked it so much that I have since acquired 5 or 6 jumper dresses, and several more skirts and tops. I wear woman's shoes as well and have an awesome pair of purple knee length boots we both love, gladiator sandals, a pair of flats, and a pair of red leather booty's. We go shopping together now and recently we went to buy each of us a couple of very pretty bras with matching panties. Then last week she came home with a couple of beautiful silk nighty's for me. Our sex life is awesome, our communication with each other is awesome. We made it fun for both of us from the beginning, I have no desire to be with anyone else. I work for myself, and dress appropriately as needed to conduct business in the community. I dress in woman's jeans and tops when in public like to go out for dinner or day trips, but nothing extremely feminine so as not to draw attention to myself, but when we are at home I am fully dressed as a woman in very pretty and feminine clothing, complete with jewelry and makeup. There are times that my wife wants me to dress up as a man during our play time for something different. The important thing is we respect each other, we indulge each others fantasies, and we talk. We have now been married twelve wonderful years.


I wear what I want, when I want. More people should. There is absolutely no harm. Its about a wives own fears most of the time. I am told I look great either as a male or female. My wife is loving and supportive and it has made our relationship so much better. She is my best friend. Time for you to open your mind and understand rather than judge. Good luck

Robert G.

Hey Megan, the other issues would be a time when he would want to start HRT,then it"s getting to a point of wanting to live the rest of his life as a female. Keep in mind that he can't just go to the doctor & start. Most of the states prefer you to have to have sessions with a head doctor,shrink-lol, before any HRT will start. The reason for this is to prevent or explain what is about to happen & how things will change & what is going to happen to their bodies & to prevent people from making a gender change do to drugs or on the spur of the moment decision or mental issues that would be solved by gender change & other reasons.They also want to talk to the spouse & other family members for their thoughts & what they will face when it all begins & other things.Not saying this is what they do but all of this i have red on the internet. There are over 900,000 transgenders out there & that's a lot of people.Keep in mind that a transgender person is a person who hast started HRT for transition. A crossdresser is not a transgender Best thing to do is to look on youtube & see some of the transgender's journey from start to finish..It's remarkable how science & technology has advanced & what they can do..If this was a bad thing they would of not let the research be performed so if they had the knowledge in the past, they're would of been transgender people back then but back then women couldn't even wear pants at all & harmone research wasn't even known at all..What I'm saying is just because he is starting to wanting to dressup like a female is not a reason to end your relationship.Him wanting to dressup while at home is just something he enjoys to do for his own self satisfaction or pleasures. At home is behind close doors & private or even getting in the car & drive around dressed up. It still is not the same as walking around in public or even talk to anybody unless you look good & can do the voice thing & that usually takes a lot of time to master & face features that are manly,it's very hard to cover up with makeup so i feel you have nothing to worry about..Hey what you might want to do is go to sex toy shop & buy you a strap-on & then ask him if he would want to try being the reciever than the giver & see if he enjoys that.Just to let you know they state their are more men who are wanting to explore anal sex. Of coarse he is not going to bring it up at all to anybody that he is wanting to explore the sensations they state, they have their wives put on a strap on & gives it to him which is also another addition for sexual satisfaction,even if it's for him at the end.You never know you might kinda have fun with giving it to him.You might have more intense sex due to he has something more to look forward to that he is starting to enjoy it..But there is a lot of websites that explain the numbers of men who are doing this more & more. That would be one way for him to see you are wanting to be a part of his exploring all the sensations he might be needing for his own pleasures.That's part of it,you do things to each other to maximize the pleasures that you do together as one. Just be open minded & remember he still has feelings you can hurt his feelings very easy if you say the wrong thing or go off on him & if you have a problem with it,tell him he needs to do this on his alone time but sometimes it's impossible so maybe he could do this while you are shopping or whatever. He is still the person you feel in love with but nothing has changed but the cover when he feels he needs to dressup..I think you will be ok with it when you open your mind & heart & be his bestfriend, if he's having enjoyable fun with it try to find a way to have fun with it too..You can do this..good luck with this & there is no need to worry about your relationship it's still solid.He wants your help & understanding & seeking your involvement with him for his exploring pleasures that he may want to try. Any questions feel free to ask,will be glad to tell you where you can go to see if he needs things for proper shape but it all depends how perfect he wants to look..Have fun

Robert G.

megan,not sure what you need to do but my girlfriend hates it.When i was going to dress up like a female at holloween she thought i was joking.I was asking for help with makeup & of coarse I had to do it the hard way.had to learn all of that on my on so it had all the ups & downs on getting it right.You can't get help from anyone & you feel that a woman would be more understanding & would be glad to help you but that was a bad idea. I found women are more judgemental in a hard way & especially when you want to do it right & see how far you can go with makeup & clothing.It's a great feeling changing your apperance to female, breasts,pantyhose,tight mini-skirt,nice high heels,creating curves & one thing lead to another where I found myself loving how it made me feel about myself & really enjoyed dressing up. It also helps if you have something going your way like nice legs,good shape or looking real good in makeup etc..I found myself shaving my legs & chest & there is nothing greater than smooth feeling legs & with a good pair of pantyhose,your legs will look great with a mini-dress with heels.It's hard to not want to dress-up all the time.There are times when i get up in the mourning I want to start doing make-up & creating the look because I enjoy it so much,i really can't stop it..Be understanding & ask to help him & show him whatever he wants to know & be a part of his fun. You actually enjoy going out & shopping & talking about fashion,make-up & body movements as a female.He will be more comfortable talking to you & will love you even more because you are willing to help him without any comments..You might be a little closer due to conversations can be more enjoyable being able to talk about what usually girls talk to each other about & normal things that you talked about as a couple so nothing has changed except him wanting to dress up like a female. Myself i like to dressup all the way,wig,makeup,shapewear,nice tight mini-dress,pantyhose & heels,it looks so good & feels great too,,Don't knock it till you try it..You might like it...Some crossdressers like to wear under garments all the time but for me I only put them on when I'm dressing up,100% that's the way i like it..So be there for him & help him & let him know that you will be there for him for advise..I had to get all my help from youtube & it really helped me for what i was trying to achieve due to know one would even try to give me any assistance at all..It would of been real nice if my girlfriend would of helped me but she would just make fun of me & I really hated that to the fullest but we are cool now to a point & I mainly dressup when I'm alone,which is ok with me because i really enjoy doing it..Do things around the house that he can dressup for or just play with it and where it takes you. You might find a new way to put a little spice in your relationship..Don't be afraid not to try,you might have fun if you don't worry about it


I married my husband 16 years ago knowing all along he likes to dress in womens clothes nothing wrong with it if that's what you want to do is fine with me at least he's not cheating on me because I know is straight looking like this if he's dressed at the womens clothes at least you know he's not with another woman just enjoy it life is too short as it is hope this helps LeAnn


Being "narrow-minded" is worse than cross-dressing ANY day.. Carrie, you suck, plain and simple...! You are VERY selfish! Telling these folks to "leave him" because he dresses in a way that you don't like??? What an idiot you are!! Just because men haven't asserted themselves and dressed as they wanted to, in the past, doesn't mean they don't have the right to!! Women have taken all but a few fashions for themselves and expect to leave men with virtually nothing to wear except "what women approve of"..??? Now you know how men feel when 99% of women gain weight AFTER they are married............................

Angela Bush

All men enjoy dressing in women's clothes occasionally. Don't worry about it. Angela


Honestly, that is sad. Not to be negative about the situation, but, coming from a straight guy, i never in my life have i ever thought about trying on any type of womans clothing and feeling good in it. I tried on my wifes pants as a joke in front of her and laughed but that is about it. It is not human becuase if it was normal, then you wouldnt run out the house and started crying about it at the park. honestly, you should confront him about the situation and ask him wtf was he doing dancing in front of the mirror with your clothes on. That is nowhere near a stright thing and it might be a borderline gay thing. Just ask him. BUt if you love him like you say you do, dont ever hesitate to talk to your husband becuase it annoying when women are easy to go off on a guy but never want to tel us whats going on. Just saying. Hope eveything is well


I know from personal experience - It is extremely difficult to first off tell your wife you feel this way, since the social acceptance is so difficult for men - there is a ton of Fear men go thru here, most suppress this so much I believe is why there is so much sexual outburst from men in our society. The bigger problem is women are more closed minded about this than men are ever about their girl. My wife goes for months with out even shaving, skips showers, ya she throws on a dress most days - but very much disregards her femininity. It is also fine for her to wear whatever she wants, often my clothes also, but the moment I want to put something pretty on, rather than all my guy clothes, which all look the same - I am shamed, also told not to leave the room, or only do it alone, like it's so bad. I'll tell you - I'm sick of this

Carrie Bradley

Okay judgement queen or king know one is saying that he is bad but for the most part I believe that this is a very lonely lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of them are married with kids to try and prove their manhood or something but the kids are the problem. I am hurt by my husband for deceiving me and you know what I can't lift 200 lbs of sheet metal so I guess my genetics do matter. I am not one of those women who is really high maintenance due in part to the fact that every time I got something sexy it would be ruined by my beloved husband. I never had anything that was mine it didn't matter that he was bigger than me. To the confront and damage comment maybe you should be told your not sexy to me anymore because you had those stupid kids. Talk about damage to my ego when I was 128 lbs 5'7" and in really good shape. Maybe I just married one of those asshole crossdressers. Can't wait to hear your comment.

Carrie Bradley

Pretty judgmental to say someone that actually loves him. I would have to say that this isn't a very insignificant problem. What is significant to you? I was flippant about this subject and it has ruined my life basically because as my children have gotten older they ask questions from me. Why me because he is so caught up with himself that they won't ask him. Questions like why is he in the shower so long, why is he wearing your clothes, how come dad won't take his shirt off when we swim or better yet why won't he go swimming with us at all. The reason he won't swim with us is that sometime in the last few weeks he stole my 16 year old daughters bathing suit to sunbathe and now has a tan line that can't be explained. Most of us women would love to sunbathe without the top so why can't he, oh yeah because he is just exploring his feminine side. What if we just want the man we fell in love with to live up to the persona he presented for years. Best con man I ever met.


if you love him it shouldn't be a problem.


if you think about it he is still the same guy and it is only clothes but talk to him about it and youll get to know him even better and maybe you and him will even be closer

Carrie Bradley

I call bullshit he set the trap and she fell for it just as I did and that decision of acceptance over what you really want was what he was taking advantage of. Just because this is his fetish doesn't mean that it has to be hers and just because she said it was okay doesn't mean she can't change her mind. Why not he can. The whole thing is like an addiction for my husband was the flood gates are open they won't stop.

Carrie Bradley

run for the hills because one day you will have to explain to your kids who will catch him "why daddy is wearing mommies clothes" or if you except it you will have to deal with why he won't take his shirt off in the pool because he was sunbathing in your bikini and has strange tan lines for a man.


for crying out loud, anybody that listens to wham usually gets sick!! what your husband has is nothing more than a fetish. seeing as he works fro home, chances are that he might get better results in sales and cooperation when he gets online and passes himself off as a woman instead of a man. I know this happens because my cousin does this all the time and he says it works. he isn't doing anybody any harm by dressing up. there are several things you can do: 1. accept this and work with him to help him discover his inner girl, could be fun for you, now you have a shopping partner, more girl talk, less brutish in and out of the bedroom. 2. leave and don't look back- this will cause irreparable damage, do not do this 3. think about how he feels and give the man some sympathy- he is not gay, bi, or transgender; over 95% of all crossdressers are heterosexual not homosexual 4. confront him about this, damage him beyond repair, and expect a horrible outcome now just because you are an genetic female doesn't give you the right to preach the gospel to him about anything. since when is it perfectly acceptable for you to wear jeans and t-shirts but yet he can't even wear a pair of panties??? that's called a double standard- I can do it but you can't, i'll look and feel cool while you will be a sissy-fag?? sounds ridiculous doesn't it


Still the same man! A dress doesn't change gender just his outer self. Now if he wants change genders he won't be the man you married potential problem here.


Hi Bobbi, So what do say to ugly girls, give up and die? Not every one is pretty. So what do we do with you when you are all wrinkle and grey? Hope your girlfriend is more understanding than you appear to be.


Shame on you, Allison I hope you have learned some tolerance in the past few years. We all are gods children.

Cotet nicu

hey, that was goin to far, wen he dress in woman cloth he shut be stay in home/room not out side for see people,on my opinion am never go out just if some1 have to kill me only :)

Cotet nicu

wrong! "Do what's best for you, not for him and his fetish."


Megan, I moved in with my boyfriend 3 years ago and when we moved in I found a box with dildos, skirts, fake tits etc. I of course was like what the hell is this. He explained he liked to dress up and pleasure himself this way. Long story short I accepted it. Well then it started to progress. He shaved his legs, whole body, bought heels, bought a wig and even put on makeup. Ok now I still accepted it and I believe because I did, it went too far. I was a work and I get a call from my townhome office place telling me that there have been complaints about a man dressed up like a women, flashing people and grinding up against the parking lot pole. She said that she sww that it was my boyfriend and said were going to be evicted. I of course got us out of that but Im thinking wow Im out there busting my ass for our future while hes at home destroying it. This all started with me accepting it. Now he has gone behind my back bought wigs, camis, etc. I was open minded when all he did was dress in womens clothes. Then the shaving, camis, shoes, wigs, makeup and to me the abnormal way for a straight man to pleasure himself. See if your man dresses up like a women and doesnt do the rest of those things, then personally Id rather be faced with that then what Im facing now. Good luck.

Cotet nicu

a man you have to search your gay man not me am not gay i like woman not man sorry

Cotet nicu

Hi,Comon its just a cloth nothing more, just inside home not out for see the people and dont dress wen u got kids,but haha i know more womans thei are gelouse why man using them cloth and feeling haha ok why woman dressing like man in pants feeling like man haha guys its just cloth, relly i love have a woman-wife who like dress me full up like woman then jokes and make fany and sex but this nothing to do about gay, am not gay i dont like mans am for womans so am man, but cloth dressing in house- room that is nothing bad, just never out side our see you people or your kids, thanks


This one will be much shorter. Find you a hole to crawl in a die. Thanks.


Look, its simple, you cant say you "Love" anyone & not love all of them. If your love has limits, you know nothing of what it means to love at all. I feel sorry for the man that trusted his whole self to you only to have you betray that trust & comfort. You're a heartless woman & should be ashamed of yourself. I trust & Love My Woman, as she does me. Anything I would share with her, she would never see me different, nor would I to here. We are still the people we fell in Love with. Sorrow I feel in my heart for you, & even more so for him.


Private. I have discovered a few things about the man I love and am supposed to marry my undergarments and teddies have been commingl up missing as well as my makeup now I have a 3 year old girl and I know she's not doing it well then one night his phone rang and I was able to unlock it well I started looking thru it and found something I wish I had never seen a video of my man naked?????? I don't know what to do I feel sick to my stomach can't hardly look at him let alone kiss him or even touch him WHAT DO I DO we have a daughter together and I Do love him very much PLEASE. HELP ME?????????


yes but where do you draw the line ? what about your partners feelings ? why is everything acceptable i.e. will you be having it off with a lamp post next? surely there has to be a bit of normality?

fun man

My girlfriend buys clothes snd sexy things just for me to wear during sex. I enjoy it as well. Makes her happy and turns her on. Should allow him to model for you and makes it a fun thing for the both of you


I would seriously consider reducing his body temp to room tempterature. One pop right behind the ear works every time. 😈


The bottom line is that your husband is cross dressing. Do you feel that this is indicative of a mentally healthy person? Cross dressers aren't typically known for being rocks of mental well being. I would talk to him about it. Find out if maybe he needs to see someone.

Christina Marie Rosales

so many responses here and I am not sure what i will say. My older sister started my track in dressing. She dressed me up and took me to school s her little sister. It soon morphed into her making me into her live Barbie doll. I actually loved the attention I got from her. But she used it as border line humiliation. She invited her girlfriends over and they all saw me dressed up and gave me a girls name. I came to love wearing girls clothes more than boys clothes. In later life the dressing was a stress reliever. Stress from work, money issues etc and I would get all dolled up, and have a glass of wine at home and be relaxed. I have only been out with my wife dressed. I was very nervous. But on the other hand my neighbors have seen me, taking out the trash, feeding the horses, yard work etc. My wife still has issues with it but she knows that I love her and she is the only one for me. She has bought panties for me, and she has shown dresses to me when we are shopping and asked if I wanted it. By the way, I love women


If you believe he's a con man I suggest you divorce him and save him the pain of being with a heartless b**** Carrie.


So then I guess it's not ok for women to wear men's clothing. Now that's bullshit, how would you like it if men all of the sudden said that we don't like you wearing men's clothing?


I honestly dont see a problem with any bloke dressing in womens clothing a lot of men do it. I would embrace it and get involved you never know you might like it. I know I do and its lots of fun

Good girl

my wife what me to dress in skirt blouse and cardigan and noylon overall do all cleaning in house when she out at work if am good she what me to go out with her dress in classics looking clothes i have been out few time last year with my wearing skirt blouse cardigan and noylon overall with nice wool coat in winter i look like 50- 60 year old women i can now pass as O.A.P she what me to go out with her mother to O.A.P Club and next week club going to Blackpool so am very shy going out with club why do i have wear my noylon overall when go to Blackpool can you help me ? am good girl what you thing thank you


Right, Your husband is obviously feeling like he can't be the man anymore because your not being enough of the woman. Start pleasing him orally and let him dominate you. This will soon change


john my wife tells me to dress up for her its turns her on

Nicu Cotet

haha sorry but am not gay i love woman


First off, I can see where it would be shocking to come home and find this out about your husband. The fact is that there are so many men who do this. You are not alone. I can't tell you how many threads I've read on different sites in regards to this. It's simply amazing. That being said, your husband has probably been this way for a very long time. It is not something someone just decides to do on a whim. I am a man, and I love to where sexy women's things. It is simply a fetish, or it could delve deeper. This is something that you should sit down and discuss with your husband. You think you were horrified? Wait till you tell him. He will be just as embarrassed. It seems hard I know for you to comprehend. I myself made it a point to tell my wife prior to getting married. And, you know what? She was very understanding of my feelings, and actually enjoys it now. Especially in the bedroom. I wanted so bad to tell her how I felt, so I "manned" up and told her. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I'm sure if you confront your husband and be friendly about it, that the two of you will either come to an understanding, or you won't. It just seems silly to throw away a marriage for how ever long you've been married, over something that can simply be discussed. And if it turns out that you can't accept it, then so be it. At least you and your husband will have been open enough to talk through it. It may turn out that he is a transexual, or he just simple likes to "dress up" and show his feminine side. Oh, and if he does like to just dress up, it does NOT make him gay. Hope this helps.


nice ass! I'd like to bite it! and kiss it!


Love it! You look smashing!

wife of a crossdresser

Honey its all good,the man loves you,and there is nothing wrong with guys who like to wear womans clothing,my man was streight when i met him but we want somethin new and i susjested why not put sexy lingerie on,after a few hours of wearing female clothing around home he began to like it,,so honey go with the flow,show me where it sayss men cant wear lingerie or womens clothing


Dont stress,i caught my man crossdressing,he loves me and i love him,once you get use to it then it becomes a turn on,he will wear bra and panties to work but once home i have him out of his clothes in the shower then i lay out lingerie for him,its been 12yrs since we started

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