A guide to aphrodisiacs

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Couple feeding each other chocolates
Aphrodisiacs are basically foods which put you in the mood for love.

Named after Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, this selection of foods are supposed to awaken all your sexual desires and leave you feeling very aroused!

You might have heard of some of the obvious ones like oysters, which we know aren't everyone's cup of tea, but we've got some more appealing options in there for you too!

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- Aphrodisiac: Chocolate
- Aphrodisiac: Asparagus
- Aphrodisiac: Avocado
- Aphrodisiac: Chilli
- Aphrodisiac: Garlic
- Aphrodisiac: Ginger
- Aphrodisiac: Honey
- Aphrodisiac: Oysters
- Aphrodisiac: Strawberries
- Aphrodisiac: Pineapple

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Elise Black

I adore Sue McMahon's cooking demonstrations! Not only is she a marvelous teacher in the kitchen, and her recipes delightful, but she is delightful herself! Please pass on my complements! Thank you!!

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