Aphrodisiacs 5 & 6: Garlic and ginger

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What is it?


Why is it an aphrodisiac?

Garlic is the mother of all aphrodisiacs - if you can get past the fact that you might both whiff a bit!

It works by increasing the blood flow around the body meaning it gets to the bits it needs to even quicker.

This helps to make both your sensitive bits even more sensitive and it's been thought to help your man get an erection more easily.

The best ways to get the effects

You can add some garlic to most recipes without ruining them, providing it's chopped up really small but if you're stuck for ideas our garlic roast chicken or garlic mushroom pasta bake make a tasty dinner.

What is it?


Why is it an aphrodisiac?

Ginger warms up the body and increases the heart rate, much in the same way that chilli does. It mimics how the body feels during sex, and makes you start thinking about it.

The best ways to get the effects

You can cook up some ginger in a number of ways. It's great in desserts but is also used loads in oriental cooking - choose how you're going to get yours with our ginger recipes

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i once tried and find to be so effective, i chew it raw, i started doin this because i have a seroius case of sinusitis and it helps a lot when u have throat irritation.

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