How to tackle relationship problems

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Relationship problems
Rowing all the time? Or maybe you've just stopped talking altogether? Every relationship goes through bad patches, but no matter how grim it feels right now there's plenty you can do to get it back on track.

Agony aunt Kate Corr looks at the main reasons your relationship could be at breaking point and talks to Relate to give you expert advice on how to help you sort it out...

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The problems

- An affair
- Money problems
- Miscarriage
- Gone off sex
- Drifting apart

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alan mark oakland

I need help I dont know what to do .... my name is alan . I met a girl and got talking to her over 4 weeks on media site and it was coming up to valantines day . she has her own company so i went on web to find her address to send her flowers to say that i care for her . WE later talked that day and she went off at me saying i was creepy and not nice that i had got her address the way i did , we have not spoke or seen each other since . I really really like her and would love to get back with her but i don't know what to do .i have wrote her a letter explaining why i did what i did and that i want to have her in my life to know her ... help please i don't know what to do .......


Your honest answer please? if for some reasons you get married to a really good and kind man, and later about a year time the whole sex, communication and what lovers do are not happening due to age difference. Now you are left with hard decisions to make with your Ex in the picture who is wanting you back even though he is not as kind and good as the one you are married to. what will you do or suggest? .

Leonids Balodis

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Nadezhda Vyacheslav

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Collins Orman

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anita roman

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If you feel you are walking on egg shells around him, then his temper must frighten and upset you, you should be able to speak freely in a relationship. If he is making you do things that you don't want to do, then, he is clearly not thinking about your feelings. Before you know it he will be making your decisions for you and putting distance between you and family and friends, And the fear of being alone will be more terrifying. He has helped you through a very tough time, he knows how grateful you are, which is payment enough, he knows you love him, that's why he ends the relationship, to hurt you, and then calls you up. He is in control of you and his greatest weapon is that he was there for you in the past when things were tough, you feel you are forever in his debt, and so will he if he doesn't seek help for his temper. You are your own person you should be enjoying and sharing life. If he doesn't get help with his temper, then you should call it a day, You've already been through a very tough time, you don't want to live through any more. You deserve a good loving life with plenty of smiles. Take care xx

dannio hitchings

me and my girlfriend are ace but shes just too good in bedd. and its splitting us up. please help and make me better at sex. she never has an orgasm she just lies there boredd. we have sex only like once a month but i just never seem to please her. she has ended it once cause im so s***. please help!:(?


My boyfriend and I have been together officially 10 months, we got to know each other 4 months before hand, we argue everyday we both still live at home with our parents and each of our mood swings are staining our relationship, most of the time I feel as if I am walking on egg shells around him and have to be careful with what I say to make sure he doesn't get angry its very difficult I am not putting all the blame on him but sometimes I feel as if I am being bullied by him into doing things I do not want to, he is the only person I really have at the moment and as selfish as it sounds breaking up with him is not an option, he helped me through a tough time a really big one which I will be forever grateful for, just I do not think we can go on like this we both have enough stress as it is and we both should not be adding to it, I love him dearly just wish he would handle his temper,we had a massive argument a couple hours ago and I think he ended it but he normally calls, he has just this very second text me but I don't know if we can both go on like this, an somebody please help me?. Thanks, Sed.

Dave young

I,me a 66 year old Fit and healthy man, Divorsed, Been living with a woman who smokes heavily and don.t care where she smokes in the house. And i,me fed up with it.i,me looking for a room or a small flat as the house is hers, We are always argueing

Phoenix Trinity-May

I went out with one of my best mates for 3 weeks but then my ex boyfriend started causing trouble and eventualy ended up beating me sevral times and has got realy possessive and paranoid. Im too scared to tell anyone and im gutted ive lost my boyfriend because i love him still even though we arent together.... Weve even gone so low the we hardly say hi to eachother now im scared ive lost him as a friend too. Is there anything i can do to build back that friendship again? If so please could you send me some advice? i dont want to lose him again :(


ok, where do i start. my relationship of 18 yrs is now down to ziltch! my partner has always refused to get married, but tells everyone else that it is me that doesnt want it. now he has started drinking at least three litres a night, and often followed by vodka. we now argue all the time. when i had our son 13 yrs ago, i had PND and beat him up, but in my defense, he did antagonise the situation by telling me i was a fat lazy B***h. But for 13 yrs he has kept bringing this up everytime we have a row, which he usually starts. he suggested we move to another country, which we did, and promised me it would bring us closer. I made a huge effort to make friends with him encouraging me, but now he says i think more of them than him. well to be honest he thinks more of the dog than me!! i work building our home, and then work cleaning our home etc but all he sees is bad points. i dont know what to do because the only time we talk is in an argument and he is so much better than i am at them. I always end up being the one to apologise, when it is not always me that is at fault. I feel like i am going mad. life is way too short to carry on like this. but dont want to take his kids away from him.


im in a nitemare, ive split wiv my partner of 2 years who i love so much, were 2gether for 2 years, in the beginning it was really gd, sex and everything, then he started getting jealous,possessive an paranoid, i put up wiv it cause loved him, i stopped seeing my friends an going out just for him, i got a bit resentfull cause he still wanted 2 go out and see friends, then all of a sudden he stopped being jealous, possessive and paranoid and i became like it, is that reverse phycology or wot? also in the meantime i had a misscarrage and had 2 av an abortion at six months with twins, we got through that 2gether, now we have split cause he says he cnt handle the way i am, i admit i did say sum pretty nasty things to him through my paranoia, but he had his faults 2, anyway the split has blown me away, hit me so hard that i have snapped out of all this paranoia, i just want 2 show him that i have changed just like he snapped out of it, he just wnt give me the chance, wnt take the risk, how do i get him back, i love him so much so do my children, he was like a dad 2 them,i was a victim of domestic violence for eight years b4 imet him, i bn trying for 3 weeks 2 get him bck, we still talking, shud i give up, cnt live wivout him, any advice x


im very happy with my boyfriend we have been going out for about 13-14months, but the problem is he lies about stupid little things like "i havent eaten for 4 days" "i used to work here" and i know dam well hes lieing and he once told my family he was adopted and he aint hes also told them he had brought me a phone and a ring ect for loads of money and he was lieing! i dont understand why i dont know if i can help in anyway because now my family have lost all respect for him and no one belives a word he says i need some advise could some one please help me i will be so greatefull thankyou xx


im going thur the samething that both of u guys are going thur only ive been with my boyfriend for 5 years and have two kids by him already and im pregant again now i dont know what i sud do

dawn smith

where do i start??....theres a boy in my life that my family hate because he has used me, hurt me n broken my heart so many times in the past. he knows that he can get away with anything with me because i love him so much i just give in everytime. some days he will ignore me, other days he will answer n reply to my texts. he will only see me when he wants sex. we have started a relationship in the past but he left me because he said he only wants one night stands and to go out and have fun. he loves me and has feelings for me but wants me to wait for him 2 want me. i suffer with depression and self harm and he has no idea of how much he hurts me inside. i just dont know what to do to make him realise. he is 21 and i am 18...iv been in plenty of mistake relationships one of which beat me up. n i found it so hard to get over that n im now trying to turn my life around as its hard waking up every morning with scars to remind you of your past. but i just love him so much and want to be with him. uts driving me crazy. iv also had signs of pregnancy for the past 2 weeks as i let him use me 3 week ago. i just dont knw what to do.


my boyfriend of 2 years says he isnt happy anymore he has felt like this for 2 months what do i do

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