Foreplay tips: Dancing to turn him on

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A couple dancing

Foreplay tips

2. Sexy dancing

Dancing together can be one of the most erotic and sensual activities you do - outside of sex itself.

We've all watched Strictly Come Dancing and seen how amazing the Latin dances can be. And the same applies to any kind of dance you and your partner do together - the closer you get the more intense the sensation will be.

So put on some sexy music that hopefully won't get you in fits of laughter as soon as you both start dancing.

Then, and here's the important part, you need to touch each other. Put your arms around each other and sway gently.

Move your groin towards his and you should get a pretty instant reaction. In fact, just move and get close. The very act of rubbing against each other, even if you are wearing clothes should be enough to get him and you very aroused.

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To take it even further, start to take off items of clothing while you're dancing - assuming you're somewhere you can do this!

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