Foreplay tips - Sex stories

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Foreplay tips

4. Read him a naughty tale

Men may be turned on more by images than words, but getting him to make up his own images in his head can be even more powerful.

The idea of this trick is to tell your man the most erotic, sexy story you can think of and let his own brain - and hands - do the work.

1. Either make up your own story and let your own imagination run wild
2. If your creativity isn't up to it, get a girlie mag and read him one of the stories from the back.

As with the striptease routine, while you're reading out loud, he's not allowed to touch you at all, but he can touch himself as much as he wants.

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Watch him get totally turned on - and either stop when you don't think he can cope any more, or let him do all the work himself. Have fun!

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Ariel Jordan

I recently read this great article with a few cool techniques. Check this one out...... My boyfriend does this amazing thing where he lays beside me and touches me to get me really wet. When I'm getting close to orgasming for the first time (yes, he makes me cum more than once), he puts himself inside of me, staying on my side. Read more here


I am pregant at 17 years old I was out with guys about 3 mounth ago


i am not english but i ll do my very best to draw my feelings hoping atleast i share it with any thing in the world. a girl disturbs me. she is beautiful for me. but i only look at her eyes even though i do the best sex at the momment in the world. she is my wife's sister. we all live together. i resist but i feel that she wants it for years. i love that to happen in a way that we both are dogs. i dont mean the acctual dog. i am trying to resisst a lot to do the best. i feel like that she and me sitting in a room without any cloths and still i want to resist and she makes me do and i do the best. i really feel the feelings. is there any body to take that place. anywhere.......


i did this one myself. i made up the dirtiest story that came to mind when i was cuddled up with my man and shocking he lasted longer then he ever had.


this site comes in handy alot I really am greatful for having this @ hand I will take this to my best advantage!!!!

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