Foreplay tips - Sex fantasies

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Foreplay tips

Sex fantasies

Tapping into his fantasies is always a good way of getting him into the mood - and this one is about sex with a stranger.

Blindfold him and lead him into a dark room, telling him to wait there. You might want to tie up his hands, although that's not completely necessary as long as he obeys you.

You then tell him to wait for someone else to come in. Leave him for a few minutes and then come back in quietly and pretend to be a stranger.

Now you can do whatever you want to him, but the important word here is slowly. The longer you take turning him on, the more he'll want you.

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And remember, by stopping him seeing he has to rely on his other senses more, so talk to him in whispers and make as many sexy noises as you can when you start to touch him.

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