Foreplay with food

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Foreplay tips

6. Have a sexy picnic

We all know about aphrodisiacs and their powers to get both men and women going, so start by getting hold of some of the ones you and your guy like the best.

Get rid of all distractions, turn on some music and relax together with your food.

Start by feeding each other things like strawberries, asparagus or chocolate, depending on your preference.

Then move onto placing items of food on him or you and take turns to eat it off each other. Try using chilled champagne, cava or even ice cream to vary the temperature. This can be a real turn on!

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And to make sure it's not all about the food, why not buy a sexy book or naughty video - just in case you need any more distractions and ideas!

Try these romantic recipes

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use custard or chocolate sauce for full body coverage then get the partner to lick it off.....

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