Foreplay - Massage tips

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Man lying face down getting a massage

Foreplay tips

7. Erotic massages

Massage shouldn't just be for when you have strained or pulled muscles - it's one of the most erotic things you can do to each other without actually having sex.

Get some soothing music, candles and scented oils and then get down to it.

Get your man to lie face down on the bed with a towel to rest on and then set to work rubbing and kneading his body. Start with the neck and shoulders and slowly work down.

You can use all parts of your hands, including knuckles and wrists to vary the pressure.

Wait until you feel your man really relax before you start to move towards the real erogenous zones. Massage your way around his body until he starts to get turned on. Pay special attention to areas he enjoys being touched on.

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Make sure you stop before he gets too aroused - you want him to return the favour, don't you?!

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