Miranda: Career driven/won't compromise

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Miranda from Sex and the city_rex

What does she do?

Miranda has classic high-achiever syndrome where she defines herself by her career - if it's going well she feels good about herself. To make sure that happens she works 24/7 to do her best. When she does take the time to go out with someone she judges them by her standards. Hers are so high that practically no one can live up to them.

What problems does it cause her?

The problem it causes her is that when she's finally shut her office door for the night, and she's home alone, she feels lonely. It's also a problem when she's dating and she comes across as quite abrasive. She doesn't drop that tough career woman front when she should be a bit softer and gentler on a date.

How to recognise if you're a Miranda

You'll know you're a Miranda if your whole life revolves around work and your achievements. You also know it if when you start dating someone they complain about the hours you keep and that they feel they're a very low second on your list. Another giveaway is when you find yourself at work in the evening and girlfriends tell you the next day about the dates they had.

What to do to stop/solve it

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Learn to prioritise your time - you should have some 'me time' each day that doesn't involve work. Start delegating. Don't take over-time unless you have to. Take up a hobby where you'll meet men. Don't cancel a date because work's come up. Write down three words that define you as a person and have nothing to do with you and your working life. Put these on Post-it notes and leave where you'll see them to remind you you're more than a career woman.

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