Samantha: Sex addict/scared of opening up

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Samantha from sex and the city_rex

What does she do?

Samantha's personality is dominated by her powerful sexuality and lets sex do the talking for her rather then really expressing herself. She also uses sex to get attention and affection. She sees herself as being highly sexed. Samantha ends up scaring off a lot of good men because they see her as a man-eater.

What problems does it cause her?

The biggest problem this causes Samantha is that she's often misunderstood. Men only see her as someone who's sexy and not as a whole woman with a great personality. It's also a problem around other women (apart from her close friends) because they see her as a threat and someone who will eat up their man. It means she ends up lonely after she's had sex and the excitement's worn off.

How to recognise if you're a Samantha

You'll know you're a Samantha if you've ever been ashamed or felt used after having a fling. You find yourself going out hoping to meet a man and end up having one-night stands. And another clue is if men tell you that your great in bed but then never ring you again. You'll also recognise this if you find other women are wary around you.

What to do to stop/solve it

Begin by taking sex off the agenda when you meet someone new. don't let them pressure you into bed. And if you're frightened they won't ring you if you don't sleep with them then they're not worthy of you. Enlist one of your best friends as a crisis buddy. You'll ring her if you're tempted to jump into bed with someone. Go out on dates with another couple or with groups of friends so you don't focus on you and your new man exclusively and end up in bed with him! Highlight all your wonderful qualities besides being a sexy woman - you're more than that.

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