Kama Sutra positions

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Kama Sutra
Kama Sutra positions are the key to adding spice to your sex life, and they're not as hard as you think they are... We've taken some of the most popular Kama Sutra positions and explained how you do them!

Don't be mistaken by thinking that the Kama Sutra is just for the super-bendy and more experienced between the sheets! We've specially selected some Kama Sutra positions that anyone can try. Whether you have a long-term partner, you're in a new relationship or just want some new Kama Sutra tips, this easy-to-follow sex position guide will help you learn more about the Kama Sutra.

What is the Kama Sutra?

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text that was written to help teach men on how to have a happy marriage.

A lot of people think that it's just about sex, but that's not strictly true. The Kama Sutra is made up of seven sections but only the second, called 'On Sexual Union', details different sexual positions.

This part of it is illustrated with drawings to show couples different ways of having sex.

Despite it being centuries old, The Kama Sutra is still just as fun to try today. Some of the positions are a little more challenging than others, but all are designed to give both of you pleasure.

We've taken some of the most popular Kama Sutra positions from this ancient book to help you spice up your love life.

Kama Sutra positions

1. Widely opened

2. Clasping position

3. Indrani

4. Milk and Water Embrace

5. The Tigress

6. The Congress of the Crow

7. The Lotus

8. Suspended Congress

9. Splitting of a Bamboo

10. The Pair of Tongs

Continued below...

Don't be disheartened if you can't achieve all of the positions. Remember it's about having fun and getting to know what you and your partner like and dislike, so enjoy trying them out and if they don't quite work - move onto the next!

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hi this site is very good and i like this site thanks


i tried this position so many times with my girl... and she is very happy with it... Thnx


Lotus is just bliss


i have been with my girlfriend for quite a few months now and she is a virgin and would like to know the best position to not hurt her on the first time. we haqve tried once but it hurt her too much so any suggestions on whats the best to do? cheers


me and my boyfriend love having sex reguarly! the only problem is we cant come together, any postions on how we could both come? and where could i pick up a karma sutra book? i live in ireland?


this is no bull this realy works


I tried the lotus it was the best orgasm of my life

andrea tannen

My husband is 50yrs old. he now find it very difficult to get a full errection.How can he overcome this & have a much more happier sexy life & enjoy sex for longer period?


i have tried lots of these postions and i had the best orgasm ever with the deep one. it felt like heaven. and now me and my partner are even closer. we have a really good sex life thanks to karma sutra.



chelsea and josh

strongly advise the lotus position, hope u all enjoy as much as we just did;)


my boyfriend always wanted to try new position with me.. is there any position that i can make to satisfy him? well..i like to make love with him..


oh wow this is so hot i cant wait to try it with my boyfriend, im getting turned on just reading this while touching myself oh gosh that was hot


I am 41yrs old.I now find it very difficult to get a full errection.How can i overcome this & have a much more happier sexy life & enjoy sex for longer period?


i like it a lot n i learnt a lot from this


This is a very good site to learn someting about sex


very nice site this






This is just what I need, married with a one year old son. I need to improve sex with my wife. I need to give her satisfaction John.




i love sex i have it every night untill i get preganant :)


Will try anything for better sex

channy 2010

lovin sex yeahhhh boiiii me n my baby are sooooo gonna try the spider oooooooooo kinky x


more foreplay will help in getting the absolute pleasure massages will help further


i love sex when i can be bothred and i have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half and it gets a bit boring everytime we do it and we dont want to us all diffrent positions but we want one that will make us both happy.xxxxx pinky...


i love sex

jodie brennan

how do i get the best out of sex


i hav been using some positions and now i wish to do more and more to get maximum.


Both me & partner like the back or doggystyle best.i also like it when she is on top.she likes deep penetration with both legs up my shoulders!we like to explore more techniques.


dang! i love it! we've tried most of these already and it just keeps us going! hahaha

jerick corea

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nice site


thank you so much youve helped me alot;D gigidy;)


My boyfriend wants to try with him behind and me on all fours; as we are both used to doing missionary. please can i have any tips to get full pleasure from this as i want to make him happy as well as me?


i love it and i will do these position as soon as my husband gets home


One lovely site!!!...

Dr.Barun Mitra

the site is a good one for young people who would love to know about a very important and essential part of life......


i like will help me alot


l am married with two sons l need to improve sex withmy wife.but she is been useing, familly planning pills please help


i am finding it hard to last long with my wife and this is very fraustratig please any help or advice.


its great


this article got some things wrong. I studied the Kama Sutra, and it dose not see woman as objects. the point was to promote unity and equality between the sexes in the realm of love and passion.


this really helped to improve my sex life with my boyfriend.


How can i enhance me sex performance without ejaculating early


Well I'm looking for a certain kama sutra technique. Its called the Backwards Shark Attack, But i cant seem to find it anywhere. Can you please email it to me if you have it. And also email me more kama sutra techniques.


Basically lay on it stomach but h

dar king

Idk how to tell my boyfriend I am bored with our routine. I want to spice it up . he loves gentle and missionary . I love it semi rough .full penetration , doggy style or on top him . how can I tell him I want to explore more and make it more exciting ?


oh wow this is so hot i cant wait to try it with my boyfriend, im getting turned on just reading this while touching myself oh gosh that was hot

Vinny Franco

try 68 its a modified tigress capable of achieving 10 female orgasms in ten minutes if you press all the right buttons. very hands on for the male partner and even more interesting ass you feel the woman's body begin to convulse uncontrollably and shake while orgasming "DISCLAIMER" may lead the woman to several days or more of soreness and objectification for some reason.


Kelly no it is not a Myth it is real I have seen it my self and no it is not pee it is her fluids {cum} I had her beyond passion and kept her that way for a long time until she came and yes it freaked me out I never seen it done before until that day


Kelly it is not a myth I have had a girl friend that her juice did shoot out it was so strong it shot on the mirror across the room the way I did it to make her cum I kept her passion so strong until she came and when she released it was powerful no it is not pee and yes that was the first time I have seen it done it scared me when it shot out of her I did not know woman could do it


I would like to know how women squirt. When I watch them do it in the movies it looks like water or pee. Is the female ejaculation a myth?


Have it on the table. You clear the table so that you can lie on it with your bum just at one corner of the table. Position two chairs, the seats turned away from the table, so that each of your legs can rest on the back of each chair...for comfort. He can reach you with deep penetrations and you will have a marvellous time you wont believe. Your G-spot will be stimulated no ends. You will want to repeat often. Want to have great surprise and fun? Get nude prepare and call him to have a snack. Truth is he may just eat you before penetration. He will love it....will have access to all of you.You will be in heaven.


ask him to eat fresh fruit, i've been trying 4 baby, i've eaten pomegranette now have baby boy 5 month old.

ambi mishra

i want sex with my girlfriend and both are virgin plz give some tips?????

Gajendr Chauhan

how do i get the best out of sex

Gajendr Chauhan

very saxi

Hard Rock

I want to fuck you

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hiii..want friendship with u 2 talk romantic..


hi pinky, dont mind if u r nor enjoying srx i think ur bf doesnt knw abt good sex poses i know wht u want n also knw abt all sex poes which u will enjoying sex life if u allow thn im ready


love the silk worm spinning a cocoon


has anyone tried the helicopter position its so crazy lol wemen need to be able to support weight lol xxx japeneese kama


My husband and I have been working through the 40 positions, makes for some fun and anticipation. He surprised me the other night with a Tantra Chair, wow, it really make these positions do-able no cramps and over stretching! Thanks guys for your wonderful tips


Weell In sex u dont hav time to obey rules..


Me and my girlfriend will be lying in bed watching porn together (to get horny) and will cheekily start to arouse each other- once we have come to an aroused stage after much fun and foreplay, we do it doggy style, but slowly to start, getting faster and fater until we're going as fast as we can go, for as long as we can go for. Other times we'll explore trying to combine moves or make up our own. A foreplay move my wife came up with was her lying on her back on the bed with her head off the edge and me stood over her with my legs apart and her giving me a blow job. We have many other moves and I just love our sex!!

mamoe petros

Iam impressed by the comments i have seen so far on Karma Sutra


sex is life


Both me & partner like the back or doggystyle best.i also like it when she is on top.she likes deep penetration with both legs up my shoulders!we like to explore


yes yes its just fun to try

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