Kama Sutra: The Lotus

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The Lotus position is part of the ancient Kama Sutra.

We could all use a little help when it comes to trying new things in the bedroom. Whether you've been with your other half for more years than you'd care to remember, you're with someone new or you're just looking to brush up on your bedroom skills, the Kama Sutra is a great place to start.

It's not all about bendy limbs and standing on your head either! The Kama Sutra ranges in difficultly level, and there are some positions that you and your other half are guaranteed to enjoy without running the risk of injury.

The Lotus position is one such pose. While you do need to be a little bendy, your man being on top can be such a turn on and by holding the pose you'll be engaging your core muscles too. Who needs the gym!?

The Lotus: How to do it

Great for yoga lovers, this position might challenge you a little bit but is definitely worth a go. You lie on your back and cross your legs and bring them as much towards your chest as possible. You then get him to pull you close by hitching his legs in, like a lotus position in yoga (yes, that's where the name comes from!) and then thrust in and out of you - all you've got to do is hold the pose!

What's great about it?

The position should really hit your G-spot. It's a great position for feeling close and intimate with your partner, plus it allows him great access to your breasts, which you'll both enjoy! It also gives you an element of control - a massive turn-on.

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Although effective, this one can be tricky to master straight away. Build up to it slowly!

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Little fox

ladies with this one we need to watch our nails! I was in this position, and as i'm a lot bit on the fluffy side of life i had to hold my calves, i accidentally caught his chest with my claws and took a good gouge out of his chest.

jamie and gemma

excellent pointers,thankyou for the insight and loving the names of the positions, particularly the congress of the crow,off to bed i go,in my dreams lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Awesome stuff - these new positions are real fun in the bedroom


Very interesting all these positions...i hope that it works for me!!!


I would absolutly love all of these sent to my e-mail please!!!! Thank you!! :D

Nina Sadurskis

We are off to bed now to try some of these positions out now!!!! Could you please send me all the positions by mail Thank you and many thanks Nina


thanks please can you send more please to my email id x


Ut has been three years for us and we enjoy each other so much we want to try to things to keep it spicy. Thanks for your help


these positioned really helped our love life we are closer than ever. please could u send me a complete list to the email above. thanx



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