Kama Sutra: The Pair of Tongs

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The Pair of Tongs position is part of the ancient Kama Sutra.

If you're intrigued by the Kama Sutra, we can help! We've put together a whole host of sex positions you and your other half can try - perfect if you're looking for ways to get hot and steamy between the sheets!

Don't be put off by how tricky the Pair of Tongs position may look. Although this is one of the more 'advanced' positions, once you and your partner get the hang of it, it'll be one you return to time and again. You do both need upper body strength, so if you're new to the Kama Sutra we'd suggest you try one of the more straight forward ideas first.

Pair of Tongs: How to do it

This position is for the slightly more energetic and you'll need some strength in your arms.

You lie off the edge of the bed on your side, just with your calves, ankles and feet still on the mattress. You support yourself with your left arm and he holds you up from your waist.

He steps over your left leg and holding your other leg up and enters you while you dangle precariously off the bed! It sounds confusing but will all come together when you get going. Just remember to enjoy it, and probably best not to attempt this one if you've had a drink or two. We don't want any trips to the hospital now! If you're trying it for the first time, then make sure you're on a soft surface to cushion any accidental falls...

What's great about it?

This really gets the blood pumping and should give you an explosive orgasm. What's more, you can definitely count this is a workout, just think how energetic you'll feel!

Psst... Don't forget to try out some other Kama Sutra positions!

Kama Sutra rating: 5/5

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Master this move, and you can master any! This is one of the trickiest of them all!

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30 min+,until u ejaculate


Try one on recliner,with her laid back..its great.try.


BOOM! This one is getting tried tonight... If we have the energy


This positions help a lot to get pleasure.


Am tryn this the nyt looks wild x

gavin allott

Found the positions imaginative if anything, brought out some perspective on what can help the orgasm. Made me laugh that I had done half of the positions already though lol.


A guy with a strong back? I could see that, but it also requires a girl with a petite figure. A back might not need to be that strong if she comes in at around 120 lbs.


very good & healty steps


not only a guy with a strong back! u gotta have strong arms for that too and if u get cramps alot, well, ure in for extras!


OMG these look reealy exiting, i HAVE to try them!!


I think my boy friend would freak if i asked him to do this to me. He is the romanic Making love kind of guy where he would rather just me on top or just missionary if we try this i will have to make it easier for him lol


This position works just as well on the bed. She lies on her side and rests her leg on his shoulder. He straddles her lower leg just like in the picture but kneels and hugs her upper thigh to his chest. Same position, same penetration, same everything just no ridiculous calisthenics needed.


This just looks way to complicated to perform. I think I would be afraid I would my husband would break my arm or something with how rough he gets. LOL!


it looks like way too much work!


me and her sat next to me intend to try evryone of them tonite....will let you all know how we get on...........


One mistake we have about sex is thinking it is always about positions... connection is what really matters... connect with your lover and you will find using this positions comes easily and adds fun to the relationship


my ex never wanted to try any of this stuff... i need to find a more mature girl

Amy Goodson

im really frigid and i dont know how to get a guy to f*** me, let alone use positions like that!!


I've tried the Tongs... only for the guy with a strong back.





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