How to survive a break-up: Six months on

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How you may be feeling

  • There's some space in your mind now to start sorting through your emotions.
  • You may be starting to feel a bit stronger now, physically and mentally. You're not so exhausted.
  • You're still grieving, but the pain is maybe not as acute as it was.

How to get over a break-up: expert tip

Denise from Relate says: 'Talking therapy would really help now. You'll need someone you can talk to confidentially, so it may be wise to look outside family and friends and seek a counsellor's advice.

You may feel bad if you blamed your partner and not feel able to rant in front of a friend, or not want your children to hear that you're upset. You can be completely truthful about your feelings with a qualified counsellor. Contact Relate for your nearest branch on 0300 100 1234.'

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Key steps to take

  • Make time to relax - whether going for a walk or taking a long bath, do whatever works to help you wind down. It's really important to try to get rid of stress to help you cope with day to day problems.
  • Take baby steps - when you feel low it can seem like you're getting nowhere and that any task you have to do is impossible to achieve. Make things achievable by taking small steps and setting small goals. It will give you a great confidence boost once you feel you have achieved something.
  • See your friends - you may not feel like letting your hair down right now, but force yourself to go out and have a laugh with your mates. It really is the best medicine.

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Hi, I was cheated on by my partner (we are lesbians, and was married). We were together for 14.5 years god married,May 07 and she asked me foe a divorce in Novermber 07, I still can't understand and I still love her unconditionally, the pain don't seem to go away, I still cry alot. I so much want to forget and go on but there is so many questions so much I don't understand, because IT HIT ME LIKE THE 09/11, suddenly, I did not expect or suspect anything. What can I do Iwant to forget her and go on, please help it is eating me up, I can't go for other woman, I still feel guilty when I am with them, i TRUELY LOVED MY EX. The woman she left me for knew we were married, Advise me please

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