How to survive a break-up: One year on

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How you may be feeling

  • Your confidence may be lifting
  • You'll probably be starting to accept your new status and your friends and family will be acknowledging the new you too.
  • You won't be wanting to talk about your split all the time now.

How to get over a break-up: expert tip

Denise Knowles from Relate says: 'It takes time for friends and family to get their heads around the changes in your life too. Around now they'll be acknowledging your new status and have sorted out how they feel about the break-up. They feel they don't have to walk on eggshells any more.'

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Key steps to take

  • Plan ahead - write down a list of the things you're going to do once you get through this difficult patch. Stick it on the fridge and when you feel low it will give you a lift.
  • Fancy dating? There's no right time to start dating, and after a divorce it can be a daunting prospect. But if you do feel like you'd like to meet someone, take it gently and start by meeting up with a group of people - men and women - first. Dating agencies can be a great way to meet someone safely.
  • Learn skills to help you re-build your life by joining a course. Relate runs: Moving forward: after a divorce or break-up. You'll meet others who are going through break-ups and get loads of help on how to cope with your emotions and learn why relationships go wrong and how to have better relationships. Find out more at Relate

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