Arguing: Have a goal and say sorry

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3. Have an end-goal in mind

What you do: Argue without knowing what you want to achieve. This means you go round in circles or don't know when to stop.

What to do instead: Assuming it's you who starts the discussion, try to have a goal before things kick off. Think about your ultimate result and possibly somewhere in between you'd be happy with.

That way, when you get drawn into a full-blown argument, you always have something to aim at. It will help you reach some sort of compromise, where hopefully you're both happy.

4. Say sorry

What you do: Don't take responsibility for your argument and go off in a huff once you've finished.

What to do instead: We don't mean apologise before you start, because deliberately starting an argument isn't what most people set out to do.

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However, once you come to an agreement, it won't hurt you to say sorry about the argument. The two words will mean a lot to your partner and help your relationship immensely.

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