Arguing: Look at each other and take a break

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7. Sit and look at each other

What you do: Have a running argument all round the house, often not even standing in the same room.

What to do instead: Try and sit down at the dining table or on the sofa and talk through the problem. By keeping eye contact, you will be less likely to say something you regret and you will also see the impact of anything you say.

Another benefit of sitting down is people tend to talk less forcefully when they're not standing up. Your argument will benefit from the less explosive nature of the words.

8. Take a breather

What you do: Scream and shout until you're both blue in the face and keep going round in circles for hours.

What to do instead: Stop and take some time out. There's no rule that says you always have to come to an agreement in one sitting. It's fine to suggest taking a breather and coming back to the issue in a couple of hours, or even tomorrow.

The only thing you must remember to do is make sure you come back and resolve the argument. Taking a break isn't to be used as an excuse to finish the argument!

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