Secrets of a good marriage: Don't give up

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It's so much easier to walk away from something than to try to make it work. Every relationship goes through rough patches but a lot of the time things can be worked on and you'll come out the other side a stronger couple. Some things can seem so big you can never get over them but isn't it worth a try?

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Relate's Mo Kurimbokus says: 'Happily ever after does not happen effortlessly. Relationships need working on; you need to learn to compromise, to know when to agree to disagree. You need to know when to take a stand and when to back down gracefully.

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The more you work at it, the stronger the relationship will be and the happier the ever after too. When we get it right, we learn and when we get it wrong, we also learn. Either way we learn and we can move forward, so explore and learn together.'

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I have been married for 23years and have 2 good kids, their both have left school and my husband had become a total nightmare. The money was there but the support was not, a friend talked to us at a dinner party one night as we had been bickering and suggested a solution to our separate moans. Sunday to Friday I was in control of the family and his behaviour and he had to do as I said no argument at all, he gets home from the office he acts as I want him to so on and so forth. On Saturdays he gets to be in control. OK the fist few weeks were unusual as he had some kinky ideas and made them come true but also I got him doing stuff in the house so we soon stopped being totally selfish and started to think a bit before asking odd things. Its been a couple of years now and yes we still bitch at each other sometimes and the deal has broken down a 2 occasions but we got it back and are still together. Its also really odd but I look forward to Saturdays now as he seems to have a limited imagination and gets bored very easily so I get to have long lay ins. It worked for us maybe it would help you

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