Secrets of a good marriage: Keep the passion alive

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Often one of the biggest differences between a new couple and one that's been together for years is the lack of passion or exciting sex in their relationship. There's no reason that this should be the case.

You might have been there and done that loads of times but you are still two people who did and still do find each other sexually attractive. You might just need to remind each other of that sometimes by making a bit of extra effort.

Whether that's buying some new lingerie or him agreeing to a night off from watching football to make time for dinner out or a cosy night in, small touches here and there will make a big difference.

Expert tip
Relate's Mo Kurimbokus says: 'Make quality time for each other. Touch regularly; remember that human touch has the power to soothe, support and encourage - whether it's a peck on the cheek, a hug or making love.

Tell each other what it is that you want and what works for you. Give yourselves permission to experiment and explore new things whether it be a new sex toy or a new position and spend time to be sensual with each other.

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And don't forget make plenty of time for cuddles. Click here to send your partner a hug right now!

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