'My boyfriend's not my baby's father, but he thinks he is'

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Two years ago all I cared about was getting back with my boyfriend. We'd been together for about 6 months when he broke up with me because he was getting hassle from his ex girlfriend who he has a son with. I was heartbroken.

I went out loads to try and forget about him. I started seeing two people but four months later he asked me to get back with him.

I didn't commit myself fully for the first few months. I was afraid he would break up with me again. I was out in my local pub one night and at the end of the night I gave two of my male friends a lift home. I dropped one off and when I got to the second house he asked me in for a drink. We'd known each other for ages and I didn't think anything would happen but after having a drink he kissed me and we ended up sleeping together.

I left early the next morning and we never said anything about it after that.

A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant and I knew it wasn't my boyfriend's. I didn't tell the other person because he's married with four kids.

I couldn't tell my boyfriend it would break his heart. He was hurt badly by his ex and I really do love him. I know people will say if I loved him I wouldn't have done it, but I do love him.

I'd planned to break up with him before he found out and move away so he wouldn't ever know but he found out before I had a chance to and just assumed it was his. I couldn't bring myself to tell him otherwise.

My son's now 14 months old and my boyfriend's name is on the birth certificate. The real father found out about three months ago but has no interest in being the dad - he's just worried about people finding out. I feel so guilty and if it was to come out it would hurt so many people and break up another family.

I've thought about just leaving with my son and not telling anyone where we are - it seems to be the only option that will hurt the least amount of people but I just can't decide if it's the best option.

Please help.


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