'I cheated on a girls' night out'

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I'm in a long term relationship with my boyfriend but on a night out with friends I met a guy and by the middle of the night we were dancing and getting really close.

By closing time we were kissing passionately and he asked me to spend the night at his house and before I knew it I'd agreed and we were on our way to his.

Afterwards, when I was back at my own house with my boyfriend, I thought I was only attracted to this guy out of drunkness but the next time I saw him my stomach had butterflies and I realised that I liked him more than I thought.

I feel so guilty but I really think I'm in love with this other guy. I can't stop thinking about him and what it would be like to date him. Should I leave my boyfriend and try things out with this guy or just try to forget about him?

I am so stressed and I know what I have done is completely wrong.


What do you think about K's confession? Should she leave her man or try to put it all in the past? Have your say in the Comments section below...

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Thats the exact question ive been wanting to know!!! cuz ive been there and done that too, even though im all for the FAITHFULL relationships!! idk what to do either, me and the other guy had a "spark" and talked and even FELT as if we knew eachother forever, even though *I* approched HIM and i am VERY shy and deffenetly NOT for cheating!!!


i think that it was just lust. its happened to me before and i ditched my gf cause i was "in love" with another girl who id had an affair with. but it turns out it was more the excitment and danger of cheating that turned me on to her so much


i doubt its love, just very strong lust, hes sexy and exciting and lets face it we all enjoy doing things we shouldnt alot more than things we are ok to do. the fact that you dont see him very often will just make you want him even more! Honestly i dont think you love this man, the sex is good and exciting, whereas when its with your boyfriend its just the same old sex! Your relationship has run its course and you clearly dont love him the way you did, you may love him still and care for him but this relationship wasnt ment to last forever whether you like it or not. i think you need to leave your boyfriend and do your own thing but please dont leave him for this other man. THE GRASS IS NEVER GREENER! just have some you time, go out have fun and enjoy yourself! i bet you will find that your relationship with this other guy isnt as exciting when your single and its ok to see him. and if it is brilliant and magical and all the rest then maybe hes the one but dont rush things, if its ment to be then it will be!!


love it... when a guy cheats, he's a dog, but when a girl cheats it's cos she's 'in love' with another guy.. lol.. after one night?? get real and be honest ffs.. You just wanted exitement and now you're trying to justify your behaviour. Plus, it's not like you teleported to this guys house the instant you saw him. You flirted, and played, and danced, and chatted for hours, then walked home, and did it over and over, and then again in the morning.. and now you want to do it more... and no doubt you've had thoughts about other guys, and probably crossed to line before. so 1: finish with your guy, your keeping him as a safe option until, like now, you've found something better. or 2: realise you're lying to yourself, and tell him. this is the only way to get back him with a clean slate. he'll probably finish it anyway, but thats not for you to decide. No doubt you'll pick option 3: keep seeing both of them, until the exiting guy wants something serious, and then finish with you current guy. Or until the exiting guy, finds someone else, and you crawl back to your guy, obviously not telling him anything at all....


How do you know this guy wasn't out cheating on his partner that night too?


Sometimes being in a long term relationship can start to feel dull and stale. A new relationship is exciting and brings out the nerves and butterflies. So you are not really comparing like with like. What you need to do first is get yourself checked out for STDs. We all make mistakes, but the results can be devastating. Next, I assume you and your b f intended to be in an exclusive relationship, so you owe it to him to honour that or get out. Drunkeness is an excuse but not a reason for unfaithfulness. If you live with your b f you - presumably - phoned and gave some excuse as to why you weren't going home which make your actions a decision rather than 'just something that happened'. If you don't live with him then maybe your commitment is not that strong so perhaps you will both be better off apart. I have to add that I find it odd that you assume that the guy you slept with will want to be with you. Are you sure that it wasn't just a one night thing for him - what do you actually know about him. Are you being seduced by the newness and excitement of a new affair. The love that grows over time is very different to the rush felt in a new fling. Are you willing to risk one for the other. Maybe you should try being by yourself for a bit to decide what it is that you actually want. Lastly there is nothing morally wrong with a string of one night stands, but only if you are single, not hurting anyone AND taking precautions against STDs as well as pregnancy.


Are you serious??? you've got to be, no offense but you cheated on your boyfriend.. relationships are built on trust, and if you can just go out get drunk and have random encounters, just because you were feeling the affects of your drinks for the night. Where is the faith that he put in you?, where is the loyalty that you as a woman have for your significant other? So many women wonder why males view them as whores, or sluts. Well its actions like this that opens the door for you to be called that. Don't think I'm picking on you, because guys can be the same way. Just know that what goes around comes around. How much can you possibly think this new guy will ever trust you if say, you guys did hook up, If the night when he met you, you were in a relationship and still slept with him? NONE....


wow well reading this all i could think about is me... i have found myself in the same situation. the other man i was with though was my x boyfriend and my bf and i were having problems. but my advice would be one, tell him the truth it may solve your problem and it may not. But if you were in the situation you would want to know. second talk to that guy find out what he feels about you. because you don't want to end it with your boyfriend to find out this guy was just their for a one night stand. three you can always tell your bf you need to take a break, i have always found that by doing that you can sort out how you feel without hurting the other person. but if you decide to take a break i would wait to tell your boyfriend, because then if you really feel like it's over their will be no hard feelings. good luck and i hope you make the right decision.


I think you should ask this guy if he feels the same way and tell your boyfriend how your feeling. It is not fair to carry on the relationship if you have stronger feelings for someone else. The longer you leave it the worse it will get. Your boyfriend deserves to be told the truth after the years you have spent together. How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot, and he wasn't being honest with you?

carl justin carter

i think the first thing you should do is tell your boyfriend what happened. If he leaves you cuz of it you have nothing to lose then you can date that other guy and you will feel better cuz you came clean. And if he doesnt leave you then that shows he really loves you and is willing to stick it out with you no matter what and not a lot of guys will do that. Plus you will still feel better about it cuz you came clean and got it off your chest.

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