Sex positions - The Man Trap

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sex position The Man Trap

Great for...

Orgasmic, week-night sex, when you've not got the energy to really go for it.

How does it work?

We're all for banning the missionary position on goodtoknow, but we have to admit this one's not too far off. You lie on the bed and he gets on top of you. He then thrusts in and out but while doing so, you wrap your legs around his.

It gives you a bit more power to control his speed and rhythm and if you arch your back slightly, you'll really start to feel the benefits.

The turn-ons

He gets to do his stuff but he'll get aroused by your legs entwining around him. The feeling of him rubbing against you should also give you a really powerful orgasm.

The turn-offs

If you're trying to break away from him-on-top, you-on-bottom sex then this is maybe not that different. But there's no harm in easing yourself into some of the more adventurous moves.

Difficulty rating: 1/5
All you have to do is lie there and catch him in your man-trap!

Fun rating: 2/5

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An oldie, but a goodie.

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