Is he good in bed? How he eats

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Does your man gobble his food down like there's no tomorrow or spend ages cutting it all up into little pieces? A man's dining habits can tell us a lot about his bedroom technique.

'It's no surprise that a lot of first dates take place in restaurants,' says Judi James. 'Whether we realise it or not, we want to study how our date eats, because it gives so many clues as to what they're really like and how they're going to be in bed.'

Judi explains that you can split people up into categories, based on how they eat.

The guzzler: 'If a man shovels his food down his mouth as quickly as possible, then he's after what's called instant gratification. He's likely to be a bit "wham, bam, thank you maam," when it comes to sex.'
A savourer: 'When a guy takes his time over his food and leaves some of the best bits till last, then he's into delayed gratification. He's far more likely to have a better technique in bed and will be more sensual between the sheets.'
Mr Fussy: 'It almost goes without saying that if someone is quite picky about their food, then they're not going to be very experimental when it comes to sex. They'll have a fussy attitude which may turn off many women.'

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Another great trait to watch out for is a man who wants to share his food, says Judi. 'If a man offers you food from his own fork or, better still, he uses his fingers to let you try something, then you can be pretty sure that he'll be generous in bed.'

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