Is he good in bed? How he moves

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couple dancing
Whether you get the chance to see a man walk, dance or just move around generally, you can tell more than you think about his sexual prowess.

'When a man dances then rhythm and coordination are vital,' says Judi James. 'If it's not there then that spells trouble.'

Dad dancing
We're not suggesting someone needs to be able to move like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, but naff dancing doesn't promise great things. 'Someone who pogos around a dance floor or does a "dad dance" is not only embarrassing, but also a bit of a sexual turn-off,' says Judi.

Latin lover
And don't assume that a Spanish senor's salsa is any better. 'That sinewy, sexy style of dancing where a man comes across as a bit smarmy is not good news for their sexual technique,' explains Judi. 'When they get you into the bedroom, they're likely to be more interested in how good they look. They might even want to check everything out in a mirror which is a bit too much for most women.'

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What you basically want is a man whose arms and legs all move in harmony when he walks or dances. Simple, eh?

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