Kama Sutra: Widely Opened

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The Widely Opened sex position is part of the ancient Kama Sutra.

If you're looking for ways to heat things up between the sheets, then the Kama Sutra is a great place to start. You don't need to be a gymnist to try the positions - while some are more difficult than others, there are plenty you can try with your partner that won't put either of you in danger of breaking your neck!

The Widely Opened position is a great one for couples who are new to the Kama Sutra. Ok so it might not be the most romantic name, but it certainly explains the idea behind this position (and if you try it you'll see, it can be very sexy).

Unlike some sex positions, Widely Opened isn't a step too far from the well-known and well-loved missionary position, so if you want to start with something more familiar, Widely Opened is a good position to master first.

Widely Opened: How to do it

1. Your man kneels on the bed. You raise your bum and thighs and wrap your legs around him.

2. Then arch your back and lean backwards as he thrusts in and out of you, holding you underneath your back.

Widely Opened: What's great about it?

Your partner's upper body strength will come in handy for when he places his hands under you back to life you up, which is pretty hot in itself.

Leaning back with your boobs on full show will drive your man wild and make you feel brilliant as a result. Plus, it's a flattering position to lay in, if the idea of being on top fills you with dread!

Psst... Don't forget to try out some other Kama Sutra positions!

Kama Sutra rating: 5/5

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Super-easy and top marks on pleasure, plus the added back-arching is a surefire way to drive you both wild - try it tonight!

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Excellent position! Both my wife and I thoroughly enjoy it!


my boyfriend and i have done many of these positions and have enjoyed them all we found the wheelbarrow to be the most difficult but our hard work paid off we came 2gether in bout 3 mins


i really like this position i had tried it


i like position but its not a long time period,,i would more like more sex position and time period.


I really enjoy it. It's more comfortable to put a pillow to support my tail bone and back but it is a bit too soft. I have found and bought a love cushion "Little Deeper" that is designed for this position. It really works!!!!


I love this one it can give you some mean cramps in your neck and back but its fun! been doing it for a while but i didnt know it was a karma sutra position lol


this is brill ya cant get better:D


its very hot and sexy.the best ever


we loved it was so intense and really enjoyable until i took cramp lol


think its fantastic.


This position is virtually impossible if the man has a gut


Re; widely opened position ladies, sit up and look your man in the eyes while he is buried deep inside you. what a feeling!!!


kama sutra rules!


it was rubbish, he didnt do it for me at all so i have decided to go at it alone. me and my love eggs! anyway enjoy!


i like it.its very fentastic. but am un married.


i like the kama sutra


I had sex with 2 more good positions, but i would like to know abt more more. anyone hav more tips, idea abt position anything about sex

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