'I'm in love with my acupuncturist'

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I have been seeing an acupuncturist for a while now and I have really grown to like him. I guess you could say I have really deep feelings for him, maybe even love.

I think he is attracted to me. One time when he was taking my pulse he slipped his hand into my hand and I closed my hand over his, and he squeezed my hand and he squeezed mine.

The first thing I gave him was a bookmark telling him how wonderful and amazing he is as an acupuncturist. Then I got him a little plaque for his birthday and he loved it! I also have written several poems and he said he was really impressed. He is so soft spoken and gorgeous.

He doesn't talk about his personal life much but I think he is living with someone. I told him recently that I have feelings for him. He said his job is to make me feel good, and that we have a professional relationship. There are certain boundaries which I understand.

I really respect him but I wish I could get to know him better and possibly date him. I have never felt like this about anyone. We have this connection I just can't explain.

I also told him I just got a new apartment so it was sort of an address change to put in the computer. He asked me like three or four times about it and if I was living alone. I don't know what to do. I am so attracted to him. I feel like he is my soulmate. Please help.

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OK, no one else will say it so i'm sorry for being the brutal one. If he fancied you in any way he would have acted on it by now, he is using the 'professional relationship' excuse because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Get yourself a new acupuncturist. Forget all about this guy and concentrate on making yourself feel good, hold out for a guy who makes his feelings obvious and can't get enough of you! You deserve more than a held hand and mixed messages x


You should find a new acupuncturist for a start taking away the complications of work and relationships.If you really feel for this man then you should give him your number or ask him out and if he says yes then you know that he is interested in you..


is the gentleman french by any chance Beverley?

gillian johnstone

he has already told you that its a profesonial relationship you have im not sure about codes an effics for acupunturists but its normal for people in a positon of power to have rules stating no dateing pationts we are attracted to ppl of trust power and afority and that why thease rules are there you think he is living with sum one how owuld you feal if sum one tryed to steal you man i think it time to go some wahir ele sfrom now on dont you


Beverley, I say if you feel you have a connection with this man then just explain to him how you feel, tell him you would love to see him sometime out of work, and leave the choice to him to make. You do have to respect that he is at work and does need to be professional, so try not to make it too uncomfortable for him. But hey, life is short and if you dont try then you never get! I hope it goes well for you.

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