Boost your libido the natural way

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Is your sex drive lacking a bit of oomph? Then we've got tips to boost your libido and get your love life back on track.

A regular sex life not only gives you a good workout, but it also helps to fight depression, reduces blood pressure and can improve your immune system.

1. Get some exercise

We all know that regular exercise will increase your fitness, but just 15-20 minutes a day should start to get the blood pumping and improve flow around your body and make you feel a bit more horny.

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2. Eat nuts and seeds!

Pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, almonds and  have high levels of something called arginine, an amino acid that helps increase the levels of blood in the genitals. Experts call them the natural Viagra and they should give your libido a major boost..

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Im like that 2. My wife doesn't want sex so I have been with another woman for almost 4 years. She don't get horny very often and would love something to make her a lot more interested.

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my wife is going through menopause and we havent had sex for a year now. I am so desperate to have physical contact with a woman but dont want to cheat. My wife says I am so patient with her but if the opportunity came along I dont think I could resist. Are there any ladies out there who could help me please.


Fortunately, there are women libido herbal remedies that can help increase female sex drive by treating all of these possible causes.

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