Boost your libido: Part 2

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3. Eat chocolate

Sadly, we're not suggesting a normal bar of chocolate. If you're going to eat chocolate to boost your libido, then it has to be good-quality chocolate that's high in cocoa solid (60-70%), like Green & Black's. This sort of chocolate contains something called phenethylamine, which is the chemical that we produce in our brains when we fall in love.

4. Ban sex

In the same way that telling a child not to touch something will draw them to it like a magnet, deliberately taking sex off the menu relieves the pressure of having to do it and often kick-starts the libido.

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5. Have a romantic meal

It may sound cheesy, but get out some candles and a bottle of wine and enjoy a romantic dinner together. Simply by spending time together will strengthen the bond between you. Holding hands also helps to boost sexual thoughts in your brain and up your sex drive.

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