Boost your libido: Part 3

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A couple in bed with man blindfolded

6. Blindfold yourself

By removing one of your senses, you naturally heighten your others. Not only does a blindfold add some mystery to your bedroom activities, but it also makes you concentrate more by listening to your partner and feeling what he's doing.

7. Be happy

Depression is responsible for 3 in 10 cases of low libido, so improving your symptoms could well have a positive impact on it.
In addition, stress will cause you libido problems, because it takes your mind away from what's winding you up and onto other things. Even something as simple as having a bath can help you switch off and hopefully switch you on.

8. Stop smoking

Along with many of its other evils, smoking also slows down blood flow around the body. Basically, it narrows the blood vessels, especially those in your genital region. On top of that, it gives you bad breath and lowers your energy levels.

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