'My rapist father is still in touch with my little sister'

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16 years ago my mum left my real father because he was abusive and violent towards her. Last year I and my younger sister decided it was time to look for dad. Mum said she wasn't happy about it but would be there for us when it all went wrong which she knew was to happen.

It didn't take long to find him. Dad was controlling. He didn't like my boyfriend and made sure we weren't together long. After a while I moved in with dad and his girlfriend and her two daughters. Dad was dealing in drugs and one night when we were alone he sat me down and told me he would either be going to prison or running away. We ended up having a drink and dad raped me.

I told my mum and sister about the rape and they wanted me to go to the police but he is a dangerous man and I was too scared. A few months later I got a call from his girlfriend telling me he was in jail [for dealing drugs]. She told me that he had also groomed her eldest daughter and a few other girls.

I have just found out that my little sister is still in contact with our dad and he has just been released from prison. I don't want to upset my family by not speaking to my little sister but I feel she should be sticking by me and not by her rapist father. I don't know what to do. Hoping you can help.


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I'd say tell them, it's just gonna hurt more keeping it inside of you

stacy phillips

My younger sister and brother were rapped as kids by our mom's boyfriend. My brother doesn't want to believe it at all and my sister has tried to tell him that our mom lied to him amd told him it never happened! With ur problem, I say just tell her that he may do this to u like he did me and his girlfriend's daughters!! U don't want her to go through the same!!


What do you mean you don't know what to do? Get your sister out of there!


I think that the best thing you can do is tell your sister; talk to her about the emotional impact the rape had on your life, tell her how it felt to know that after everything you went through, you found out that your sister was more interested in talking to a rapist than standing by her sister. Surely if you mean anything to her she will realise the silliness of her actions and she&#226&#128&#153ll rethink the whole getting-to-know-daddy thing. I would assume that when your sister realises how upset you are by her blatant disregard for your feelings she would sort herself out and stand by the person that means most. After all, who has been there for her longest: her rapist father or her victimised sister? On top of all of that; THE MAN IS A DRUG DEALER. Association with someone like that (no offence, but druggies make me sick&#226&#128&#148that&#226&#128&#153s my opinion, as I have never met one that was anything less than one of THE rudest people on the earth) can only be bad&#226&#128&#166 the man makes money supplying people with the substances that will eventually kill them. I would hate to think I was any affiliation to someone like that. If my brother was I would go MENTAL&#226&#128&#166 but that&#226&#128&#153s just me.


I think that you can only tell her what happend to you and hope that she can understand how you feel. But let her know if she needs some one to talk about any thing that you will always be there for her.

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