Sexplanations: 'He wants to spank me'

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The problem

When I first met my boyfriend, I was amazed he was still single. He's good-looking and well-off. Our first few times in bed were so-so, but then one night he spanked me really hard, and we had wild sex. Now he wants to spank me every time we make love. Should I be wary?

The solution

This guy sounds fixated on bottom bashing. And he's not alone - spanking is very popular among English men. People used to say it was all to do with corporal punishment in school, but this hasn't been allowed for years, so I don't know why it still turns on so many blokes. I say 'English', by the way, as spanking doesn't seem to thrill the Welsh, Scots or Irish nearly so much!

Your boyfriend must have been delighted when you enjoyed being spanked that first time. There are lots of nerve endings in the bottom that can give great pleasure, and it can feel exciting and different. But having to do it every time could become a bore. You may love cheesecake, but do you want it every day?

You could try rationing the spanking to once a fortnight. But how do you turn him on to other sexual activities in between? You could try sex toys, play-acting, dressing up, or just lots of love play.

If none of this satisfies him, especially once the relationship is no longer new and exciting, you'll have to choose. Stay with the perfect gent and put up with a sore bottom. Or leave. Therapy might help him change, but many spankers don't even want to stop. What they want is a woman who'll go along with it. Is that you?

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I'm Replying To A Scumbag

Hey new wife, you're a retard. You don't go and marry someone you don't love. If you loved that person, you would not want to not be with them just because they enjoy something - No, If you loved him enough to marry him, you made that choice. To go back on it makes you the biggest piece of poot. For such a childish reason. You are pathetic. Likely already got divorced and ended up with an "even worse" piece of shit. You're what our world doesn't need. Infact, divorcing within the first 20-30 years of a marriage should be a criminal offense. The correct world and correct century are coming one day; You're gonna be really buthurt when that happens.

New wife

I'm concerned; My new husband was so tender before we were married which was a HUGE turn-on to me, then he started with the spanking. He works it into conversation every chance he gets. He told me he likes it that I let him dominate me. This is NOT what I signed up for; I resent him now. I married him because he never dominated me in or out of bed; I felt loved. Now I just feel lied to and used--- the "bait-and-switch".

Beth (male cross dresser)

I love to spank and be spanked. I couldn't have a complete loving relationship with a woman, or a man, who didn't want to spank me and to be spanked.

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