What are the signs of a bad friendship?

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So now we know how to spot our everyday mates from our truly best buddies, but how do you spot a dodgy relationship?

'Use your intuition,' says Ingrid Collins. 'If you feel physically uneasy in someone's company, then you should begin to question if the friendship is worth it.'

'We've all had those moments when you see someone's name pop up on our mobile and you either think, "Oh great," or sometimes "oh crikey, no!" Use you inner wisdom to work out if you're actually getting anything out of this relationship.'

Be careful

But Linda Blair points out that you shouldn't jump to conclusions about a friendship, based on one feeling. 'If you dread being around someone, then it's probably not a great relationship. But think about it long-term, as well as short-term. This person might really need listening to at this moment. In a few months, or even years time, you might need to do the same.'

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And Linda also suggests that 'if you're worried about how someone will take something you say,' then they're possibly not the best friend for you.

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