'I want to sleep with my friend'

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woman with a secret
A friend I used to know years ago came back into my life last year.

I was so happy to hear from him as I've always wondered how he was doing. At first when I saw him it was innocent but then he told me that he liked me and would love to meet up with me.

The problem is, I've been with someone for two years and I dont know whether I really love him or I just like the company. I keep thinking about my friend and what it'd be like to sleep with him. But he has a very short temper and snaps at me if I don't go to meet him, despite him knowing my situation.

Do you think his feelings are genuine or he just wants to use me? What should I do?


What do you think about Leane's confession? Should she give it a go with the man from her past? Have your say in the comments section below.

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Yes!just do it .. do whatever keep your self happy.. no need to be regret because maybe you may not knowing that ur partner is doing what eles when he is also not with you!!!!..# so at least be with yr frnd .. stay as bst frnd .. nd b kind lyk benefit :) u will just get the one who cares u eve if he have another gf too .. so u still can be happy that you are not losing anyone

Maze delos Reyes

If you have your chance now, take it. If you want something, nothing can stop you. If you want something, nothing can stop you. Don't leave your life up to fate or destiny or whatever. It's always your choice. Take charge. Do what you can now. Do what makes you happy. And to hell with the consequences. If you bitten, then you'll know it wasn't for you. At least there won't be any regrets or what if's. There's always a risk but not taking that risk ia an even bigger risk...Have a good one!

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